POD Digital Printing Ink for Offset Paper
POD Digital Printing Ink for Offset Paper

Colors: C M Y K  R G B OR

Suitable Printheads: Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, and Samba (foaming nozzles are also available)

Characteristics of Hongsam Printing Ink for Offset Paper

As an important medium for POD printing, offset paper has good ink adaptability compared with traditional offset printing process. For ordinary digital inkjet inks, it is not so "friendly", and it is prone to problems such as white spots, burrs, back-through, poor color performance, and poor long-term continuous printing performance. After long-term market follow-up research and simultaneous research and development, Hongsam Digital has steadily launched offset paper high-speed inkjet printing pigment inks in 2020, which has solved the above problems in actual market applications. 

Up to now, the ink has been adapted to high-speed industrial piezoelectric print heads such as Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, and Samba (foaming nozzles can also be developed with compatible inks). 

Application of Offset Paper Printing Ink

The ink has a wide range of adaptability and can be used for offset paper, digital paper, newsprint, carbonless copy paper, rice paper, wallpaper and other paper printing.

Advantages of Hongsam Ink for Offset Paper Printing

  • Top grade pigments, average particle size ≤200nm (D90).

  • Super high black density, bright colors, wide color gamut.

  • Excellent waterproof performance, good weather resistance.

  • High security, excellent continuous printing performance

  • Protect printheads, suitable for high-speed continuous printing.