Cationic Dye Inks
Cationic Ink for Roll to Roll Fabric Direct Printing

    ▪ More vivid color, higher saturability.

    ▪ Excellent fluency, outstandingly continuous printing.

    ▪ Water based ink, safety and environmental, NON-VOC.

    ▪ High light fastness, can satisfy the specific industrial demand.

    ▪ Higher fixation rate, remarkable wet/dry rubbing fastness, less stress on pollution discharge.

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Suitable Printheads:

Suitable for various industrial print head models: Kyocera KJ4B series, EPSON S3200, KM, Seiko, Ricoh GEN6, Ricoh GEN5, and Fuji Starfire 1024.


Hongsam cationic ink is mainly used in digital printing of acrylic, modified polyester and other fabrics.

Product Advantages

  • More vivid color, higher saturability. 
  • Excellent fluency, outstandingly continuous printing . 
  • Water based ink, safety and environmental, NON-VOC. 
  • Higher fixation rate, remarkable wet/dry rubbing fastness, less stress on pollution discharge. 
  • High light fastness, can satisfy the specific industrial demand.

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Product Development Background

As a professional manufacturer for digital textile inks, Hongsam always keep developing innovative products to meet the demand of society, as well as to facilitate the digital producing transformation on textile & digital printing area. Meanwhile, we dedicated to the energy conservation and emission reduction, aiming to make the digital printing a real energy conservation and environmental protection.

The cationic dye ink was named, because of taking on the state of cation when in aqueous solution, which mainly applicable for dying and printing onto acrylic fiber and modified-poly fabric. The cationic dye ink, with the outstanding features of vivid color, excellent permeability, high light fastness, which can even make some products washing-less after color fixation processing, reducing the stress of pollution discharge of manufacturers There are three types of carpet materials on the market: modified polyester, ordinary polyester, and nylon.

Usually, using acid ink for printing nylon fabric, and using disperse ink for printing ordinary polyester & modified polyester fabrics. Compared with ordinary polyester, modified polyester has better hygroscopicity, it is softer and easier to dye, so modified polyester is used more often. However, modified polyester is not resistant to high temperatures, and the color development temperature generally cannot exceed 140°C. If disperse dyes are used, the color development will be insufficient and the color will float. It must be washed to improve the fastness. There are two fixation processes for disperse dye ink printing.

1. Baking method:Color development above 160℃.

2. Tank steaming method:120℃ tank evaporation color.

The first type cannot be used due to the fabric. The second type is because the domestic carpet machine is a complete production line and it is impossible to seal the tank for steaming. It can only continuously evaporate the color, and the temperature of the continuous steam evaporation color can only be around 102°C. In this way, there will also be insufficient color development and floating color, and it must be washed to improve the fastness. If the modified polyester develops color at low temperature, it can only be done by low-temperature dispersion. In this way, when it is stored and compounded with the adhesive, it is easy for the color to migrate into the compound adhesive, causing color on the back and resulting in defective products. However, cationic dye ink can be steamed at 102°C to fully develop color without floating color, so it does not need to be washed with water, and color migration will not occur during compounding and storage. Because cationic dyes are more resistant to sunlight than disperse dyes, Hongsam Digital has specially developed cationic dye inks for modified polyester and acrylic fabrics.

Hongsam cationic dye ink printing has the advantages of bright colors, high permeability on carpets, ultra-high light fastness, low energy consumption of evaporation color, energy saving and environmental protection. Through the fixing agent treatment, the finished product can also be washed-free and Reduce sewage discharge and reduce the pressure on enterprises to discharge sewage.

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