Disperse Dye Inks
Low Energy Disperse Ink
    • ▪ High-density, save cost

    • ▪ OEKO-Tex Certificated

    • ▪ Suitable for Printheads: Epson, Fuji Starfire, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera

    • ▪ For polyester fabrics: clothing, home textile, carpet, flag cloth
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Brief Information of Hongsam Low Energy Disperse Ink




Application:Polyester carpet, flag cloth, garment fabric, etc.

Auliaries:Pre-treatment liquid for disperse ink DP-03/DP-04.

Qualification of Hongsam Low Energy Disperse Ink

  • Hongsam is the patent holder of disperse ink in China with independent intellectual property right.
  • Hongsam is the drafting unit of national industry standard for disperse ink.
  • In 2013, HOTME® disperse ink was selected as the “Recommended Catalogue of the 7th Batch of AdvancedTechnology for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction by China Dyeing and Printing Association”.
  • Environment-friendly, HOTME® disperse dye ink passed the ECO PASSPORTby OEKO-TEX®.
Printing Show of Hongsam Low Energy Disperse Ink
Product Development Background

Disperse ink is the most important textile digital printing ink, accounting for nearly 70% of the market. At present, sublimation printing in dispersed series inks is a relatively popular process in the market. The sublimation heat transfer printing industry has been growing slowly for more than 20 years. 

Sublimation heat transfer printing is a large market. Hongsom Digital has segmented the application fields based on customer needs. For outdoor products (tents, cycling jerseys, carpets) and household products (curtains, throw pillows, etc.) that require high sunlight fastness and high-end clothing polyester fabrics, we have launched "high light fastness sublimation ink" with higher color fastness. 

High sunlight fastness sublimation ink is a high-end product in the thermal transfer ink series. After three years of research and development and half a year of practical application testing, Hongsam Digital has conducted detailed research on sunlight fastness. It has high sunlight fastness and bright colors. , high saturation, favored by current import and export textile and high-end heat transfer printing customers. In particular, the ink has passed the authoritative ECO PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) certification of the German Hohenstein Institute OEKO-TEX, becoming the "green pass" for corporate textiles to smoothly enter the European market.

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