Textile Pigment Inks
DTG White Ink

    • ▪ High whiteness, good hiding power.

    • ▪ good compatibility with color inks, improve color saturation and vividness.

    • ▪ no cracking.

    • ▪ Delicate hand feel, no roughness.

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Suitable Printhead Model:Epson, KM, Kyocera, Ricoh G5, Ricoh G6, StarFire, Samba and other printheads


* Pre-treatment liquid for light colored fabrics 9#A/PP-01/PP-03

* Pre-treatment liquid for dark colored fabrics PP-05/PP-08 (matched with white ink)

* Post-treatment color fixing agent PA-03/PA-04

* Ink guide fluid, cleaning fluid, printhead protection fluid

Application:Dark color cotton t-shirts

Product Advantages

▪ High whiteness, good hiding power.

Good compatibility with color inks, and improved color saturation and vividness.
▪ There will be no cracking.
▪ Delicate hand feel, no roughness.
▪ Excellent standby performance and printing fluency, and protects the printhead.

Printing Show
DTG Printing Process

Spray Hongsam pre-treatment liquid on dark fabric uniformaly -- Dry at 120℃ (optional) -- Printing white and color ink -- pre-drying (80-120℃) and then dry 2-3 minutes at 150-170℃

Product Qualification

1. Hongsam Digital is the first drafting unit of national standards for textile pigment inks.

2. Hongsam Digital is the inventor of RCT™ (no pre-treatment and post-treatment needed) printing technology.

3. Hongsam textile pigment ink holds a national invention patent and has independent intellectual property rights.

4. Passed the authoritative ECO PASSPORT certification of the German Hohenstein Institute OEKO-TEX.

5. Passed 201 tests of SVHC substances of very high concern under the EU REACH regulations.

6. Successfully selected into the "10th Batch of Advanced Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Catalog" of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association in 2016.

7. Won the 2022 China Textile Industry Federation Excellent Patent” Silver Award.

8. Won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Textile Industry Federation.

Product Development Background

In recent years, digital printing process has the characteristics of low pollution, low energy consumption, high added value, and flexible production, which can achieve small batches, multiple varieties, short delivery times, and fast fashion, in line with the trend of green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable development. In line with the future industrial development direction, especially manufacturers that previously did traditional rotary screen printing, flat screen printing, and manual silk screen printing are also developing digital businesses. The rational use of white ink in inkjet printing can not only give white semi-finished fabrics a unique printing effect, but is also a necessary processing method for inkjet printing of dark semi-finished fabrics.

For roll to roll textile inkjet printing, the configuration of white ink is customized according to customer requirements. For printing of cut pieces and garments, the configuration of white ink is almost standard. Currently, the inks used by many manufacturers comply with the European Union's textile environmental certification infant-level standards (Oeko-tex Standard 100 class I). They can be used in children's clothing, underwear and other products, and meet export environmental testing requirements.

Hongsam Digital launched the first generation of "Jet Silk" textile coating white ink in 2006. In 2020, Hongsam Digital released a new generation of Jetextile® textile Pigment Ultrawhite ink, all physical and chemical indicators are now in line with market requirements.

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