Textile Pigment Inks
Pre-treatment Liquid for Textile Pigment Ink

  • Improving color fastness

  • Improving color brightness and pattern definition

  • for printing on cotton, polyester/cotton, brocade cotton, hemp, polyester ammonia, Modal, nylon and other blended fabrics.
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Brief Information

Product Name


Suitable process


Color deepening

Padding, roll coating, screen printing


Color deepening,dones't affect hand-feeling

Padding, roll coating, screen printing


Color deepening,dones't affect hand-feeling, Will not turn yellow basically

Padding, roll coating, screen printing


Improve the printing effect of digital textile printing, significantly improve the color saturation and various fastnesses.

spray coating


Silk screen printing

Using Effect

Using Method and Process

  • It can be diluted with water in any proportion. It is recommended to dilute it in a certain proportion according to the actual production fastness requirements. The fabric can be processed by padding, roller coating, spraying, etc., and printed directly after drying.

  • Please conduct preliminary experiments before use, and adjust the equipment, process and prescription according to the actual production conditions and fabrics. If you need to use it with other additives in the same bath, please conduct preliminary experiments to determine the suitable additives and the proportion of the same bath.

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