Carpet Printing Solutions
Project Background

Generally, based on the raw material, carpets can be divided into pure wool carpet, cotton carpet, acrylic carpet, nylon carpet, polyester carpet and polypropylene carpet. According to the characteristics of different fabrics, Hongsam developed different printing solutions, to solve the problem of color migration, improve the the color brightness & light fastness.

Hongsam Printing Solutions for Different Carpet Fabrics

  • Pure wool carpet -- Direct printing solution with acid dye ink or reactive dye ink. 
  • Cotton carpet -- Direct printing solution with reactive dye ink. 
  • Ordinary polyester carpet -- Printing solution with disperse dye ink (Sublimation ink / High temperature disperse ink / High light fastness disperse ink / washingfree disperse ink).
  • Acrylic carpet -- Direct printing solution with cationic ink.
  • Nylon carpet -- Direct printing solution with acid dye ink.
  • Polypropylene carpet -- Direct printing solution with pigment ink.

Characteristics of Different Printing Solutions
Printing Samples of Hongsam Carpet Printing
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