Awards Summary of Hongsam Digital in 2010
Apr 23,2011

For Hongsam Digital, 2010 was a year in line with the company's theme "Growth". Hongsam Digital achieved fruitful results on industry-university-research cooperation, honors awarded by the government, and participation in industry competitions.

Social Activities

In 2010, Hongsam Digital actively established ties with major technical secondary schools, formally established industry-university-research cooperation with Henan Institute of Technology, became the off-campus internship base of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology. While sharing educational resources, it improves our comprehensive strength and broadens the sources of personnel.

Government Support and Qualifications

The growth in 2010 is inseparable from the strong support from the government and all sectors of society. The application for "Zhengzhou Enterprise Technology Center" was successful and the license was awarded by the Zhengzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission.

The project of "Environmental Protection Digital Printing Inkjet Ink" is supported by the National Key Industry Revitalization Planning Project and has received strong support from the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Hongsam Digital obtained the "Special Development Fund for Zhengzhou Small and Medium Enterprises" and the "Zhengzhou Loan Guarantee Fee Fund Support Project" from the Zhengzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau.

Industry Activities

In 2010, Hongsam Digital participated in the fifth "Keyin Cup" Digital Printing Works Award organized by the China Printing Association for the first time, and won the "Bronze Award" and the "Judge's Recommendation Award".

Hongsam Digital participated in the Innovation Award Selection of the Consumables Committee of the China Computer Association and won the "Independent Innovation Enterprise Growth Award".

The winning of the two awards once again proved Hongsam Digital’s influence in the industry, and is recognition of technological innovation capabilities of Hongsam Digital.

Product Research and Development

In 2010, the Hongsam R&D department released a total of 15 new products throughout the year, especially the launch of functional inks such as water-based decolorizable inks and water-based pigment inks, which once again expanded the application of our products to new areas, showing the broad application of water-based ink.

At the same time, Hongsam increased its efforts to secure external resources, from equipment, consumables to software, exerted its all energy to incorporate them into Hongsam Digital's printing solutions, integrated and promoting multiple mature application solutions. Especially the successful promotion of Hongjet series printing solutions laid a solid foundation for Hongsam Digital's transformation from an ink manufacturer to a solution provider.

Intellectual Property

In 2010, the two trademarks "印可来" and "HOEME" obtained the trademark registration certificates issued by the State Trademark Administration, bringing the number of our registered trademarks to 15.

The two invention patents applied by Hongsam Digital, "Acid dye ink for textile inkjet printing and its production method" and "Water-based inkjet ink for digital printing" also successfully passed the preliminary review. At the same time, other five national patents were in applying. As the core competitiveness of an enterprise, intellectual property rights once again became the focus of our attention.

Looking back on 2010, we were full of emotions. What we gained this year was the satisfaction and happiness of growth, and what we achieved in this year was the achievements and glory of Hongsam Digital. Looking forward to 2011, Hongsam Digital will strive for higher goals and accept greater challenges. After experiencing the years of survival, resources, brand, progress, efficiency, collaboration, change, and growth, Hongsam Digital will look at itself more calmly and comprehensively, hold high the banner of "management", accumulate experience, and work hard for the tomorrow of Hongsam Digital.

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