The Awarding Ceremony of the College Student Internship and Employment Base of the Textile College of Zhongyuan University of Technology was Held at HONGSAM
Dec 26,2023

In order to further deepen school-enterprise cooperation and strengthen the training of textile digital printing talents, on the afternoon of December 25, the awarding ceremony for the College Student Internship and Employment Base of the Textile College of Zhongyuan University of Technology was held at Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Those who participated in the awarding ceremony There were Zhang Yihong, the co-founder of HONGSAM, Wang Qing, the professional leader of the Department of Light Engineering of the Textile College of Zhongyuan University of Technology, deputy directors Su Xiaozhou, Liu Hongchen and more than 50 students. At the same time, there was also a joint party day event between the school and enterprise party branches.

Internship and Employment Base Licensing Ceremony

Ms. Zhang, the co-founder of HONGSAM, first expressed a warm welcome to the teachers and students of the Textile School of Zhongyuan University of Technology, and then introduced the company's products, development history, patents and honors, allowing the teachers and students to understand HONGSAM has a preliminary understanding. At the same time, Ms. Zhang said that in the future, she will further strengthen cooperation with the school, establish a normal communication mechanism, explore more job resources for graduates, and further broaden the breadth and depth of cooperation.

Then Professor Wang Qing introduced the basic situation of Zhongyuan University of Technology and Textile University, saying that he should further deepen the integration of industry and education, expand the areas of cooperation, and jointly build employment bridges for graduates. Also welcome enterprises to provide more support for the school's talent training and other aspects. Valuable comments and suggestions, and thanks HONGSAM for providing such a platform and opportunity.

Later, Professor Wang Qing from the School of Textile, Zhongyuan University of Technology and Ms. Zhang from HONGSAM jointly unveiled the college student internship and employment base and took a group photo.

Alumni Share

Alumni of the Textile University of Zhongyuan University of Technology who are currently working at HONGSAM shared their views, expressing their gratitude for the training provided by their alma mater, as well as their journey and growth gains after joining Hongsam Digital. They also shared their experiences with the younger students present. gained many valuable experiences.

Grow with HONGSAM 

Manager Ma from the Human Resources Department of HONGSAM shared with the students the development of HONGSAM in the past 22 years with the theme of "Growing with Hongsam". HONGSAM was established in 2001 and has focused on the research and development and production of inkjet inks for 22 years. In the ink industry, China's National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code 430616) is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of inkjet inks. It also provides complete digital printing and printing solutions, and provides professional and efficient pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. Hongsam Digital products sell well in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. It has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for 19 consecutive years. It has obtained 17 national patents, including 11 invention patents. It has led and participated in the formulation of 9 national and national industry standards. In 2023 In June, it was successfully promoted to the innovation level of the National Small and Medium Enterprises Equity Transfer System, and passed the certification of "Specialization, Refinement, Distinctiveness, Novelty" small and medium-sized enterprises in Henan Province and the fourth batch of "Specialization, Refinement, Distinctiveness, Novelty" enterprises by the China Textile and Apparel Federation.

The Party Branch of the School and Enterprise linked the Party Day Activities

Next, the Party Branch of the Textile College of Zhongyuan University of Technology and the Party Branch of Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Technology Co., Ltd. held a joint party day event with the theme of "Visiting companies to promote employment, and school-enterprise cooperation to educate people". The students visited HONGSAM Exhibition Hall, Test Center and Application Center of Zhengzhou Aiqipa Digital Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hongsam Digital, gave a more intuitive understanding of the entire printing process of digital printing and the printing applications of various materials, as well as the development of printing technology, the progress of printing and dyeing industry.

HONGSAM has been focusing on the R&D and production of inkjet ink for 22 years. It adheres to the business philosophy of "Hongsam+" and is rooted in the industry. It has been deeply involved in the digital inkjet industry for 22 years. On the road of corporate development, it not only attaches great importance to investment in scientific research and innovation, but also Paying attention to the cultivation of talent echelons, it jointly founded the "HONGSAM Printing and Dyeing Class" with Henan University of Engineering in 2017, and jointly developed unique courses such as digital printing technology application and introduction to light engineering majors. In March this year, it cooperated with Henan University of Engineering builds the "Henan Province College Students Off-Campus Practical Education Base" to provide a platform for college students' practical internships. Hongsam Digital will also assume more social responsibilities in the future and make greater contributions to the cultivation of digital printing talents!

Founded in 2001, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing on the R&D, manufacture and sales of inkjet inks and printers as a national high-tech enterprise. Hongsam is the first company listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) in China inkjet industry (stock code: 430616). Since establishment, the company has always been committed to the research, development and application of digital inkjet technology, the development and production of functional and environmentally friendly inkjet ink to adapt to the progress of digital inkjet technology, and to provide customers with digital inkjet printing overall solutions.

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