Chairman of Hongsam Was Named as "Zhengzhou Excellent Entrepreneur Pilot Plan Growth Entrepreneur"
Feb 16,2023

On February 16, 2023, HONGSAM received the medal and certificate from the Zhengzhou Enterprise Service Activity Office: Mr. Qin Guosheng, Chairman of HONGSAM, was awarded the "Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur Pilot Plan Growth Entrepreneur".

The "Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur Pilot Plan" is based on the spirit of the "Opinions of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government on Implementing the "Zhihui Zhengzhou" Talent Project and Accelerating the Construction of a National Central City" (Zheng Fa [2017] No. 23), in order to further strengthen the construction of the city's outstanding entrepreneur team and give full play to the organization, management and leading role of entrepreneurs in innovation and entrepreneurship.Led by the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, the purpose is to select a group of entrepreneurs with strategic vision, innovation, leading industrial development, resource integration ability and industry (regional) influence. Form a group of outstanding entrepreneurs with brand building awareness, market development spirit, management innovation ability and social responsibility, in order to accelerate the city's economic construction and industrial development, innovation mechanism, improve policies and measures, create a good business environment and entrepreneur growth environment. The Zhengzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology will, in accordance with the "Implementation Rules of the Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur Pilot Plan", organize outstanding enterprises to participate in relevant activities, train and improve, and enjoy corresponding preferential policies.

Mr. Qin Guosheng, senior engineer, technical expert in inkjet and printing and dyeing industry, member of the National Ink Standardization Technical Committee, distinguished professor of Henan University of Engineering, director of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, director of "Henan Inkjet Material Engineering Research Center", and leader of Zhengzhou "Science and Technology Innovation Team".

1. Feelings of Family and Country:

Mr. Qin Guosheng's first major is dyeing and finishing technology, and he has been engaged in technical and management work in traditional printing and dyeing factories for more than 10 years, and has insight into the pain points of high pollution in the printing and dyeing industry, insight into customers' thirst for simple processes and high-quality products, and has deeply felt the cost of imported inkjet ink "one gram of ink and one gram of gold". In 1997, with the original intention of "energy saving, environmental protection, and inkjet", he began the research and development of water-based environmentally friendly inkjet ink.

In the imaging industry, "HONGSAM®" water-based pigment ink has changed the way of silver salt processing, so that photos are immediately desirable, and can be preserved for a hundred years, and more importantly, inkjet printing is more than printing, no waste water is generated, green and environmentally friendly.

In the textile printing and dyeing industry, Hongsam inkjet series ink is a revolution in traditional printing and dyeing methods, especially coatings, disperse ink, water-based latex pigment ink, eliminating the need for textile pre- and post-treatment and plate-making process, no waste water, clean production environment, energy saving and environmental protection. "ReactMe® Reactive Ink ", "HOTME® Disperse dye ink", "JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink and "SILKMATE® Acid Ink" four textile inks were all selected into the "Recommended Catalogue of Advanced Technology for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in China's Printing and Dyeing Industry", and formed the national industry standard "Textile Printing and Dyeing Ink Part 1: Reactive Dye Ink", "Textile Printing and Dyeing Ink Part 2: Disperse Dye Ink", "Textile Printing and Dyeing Ink Part 3: Acid Dye Ink", "Textile Printing and Dyeing Ink Part 4: Pigment Ink". The products have passed the EU OEKO-TEX 201 substance testing and REACH green certification, and have obtained the green pass for products to be exported to the EU.

In the printing industry, a series of water-based pigments and water-based dyes have been launched, which are widely used in packaging and publishing industries such as coated paper, corrugated paper, offset paper, etc., and have formed the national standard "Limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Content in Inks" and the national industry standard "Requirements and Inspection Methods for the Use of Digital Printing Inkjet Printing Ink". Water-based latex ink, but also across the industry boundary, widely used in textile digital printing, digital printing, home decoration, advertising, special applications and other industries, the formation of the national industry standard "latex inkjet ink" has been formulated, is currently in the process of approval.

Hongsam series inkjet ink simplifies the traditional textile printing and paper printing production process while being green and environmentally friendly, reduces sewage discharge, eliminates VOC emissions, achieves energy conservation and emission reduction, and protects the original intention of the environment, actively promotes the technological upgrading, industrial transformation and digitalization process of China's traditional printing and dyeing and printing industry, improves the quality and added value of China's textiles and printed matter, consolidates China's status as a world textile and printing power, and promotes the early realization of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak".

2. Personal and Professional Achievements:

As a technical expert who has been deeply involved in the inkjet and printing and dyeing industry for nearly 30 years, Mr. Qin Guosheng has obtained a total of 12 national patents, including 10 invention patents, the invention patent "nano pigment digital printing inkjet ink and its production process" won the second prize of Zhengzhou Patent, won the silver medal of the Patent Award of China National Textile and Apparel Council, and the second prize of scientific and technological progress of China National Textile and Apparel Council for "key technology and application of digital inkjet printing ink". As the project leader, he has presided over and completed a number of national, provincial and ministerial key scientific research projects, including 2 "Science and Technology Innovation Fund Projects" of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, 1 "Key Industry Revitalization and Technological Transformation Project" of the National Development and Reform Commission, and 1 "Integration Project of Industry and Information Technology" of Henan Provincial Commission of Industry and Information Technology. As a technical expert in the field of inkjet, adhering to the business philosophy of "Hongsam +", Mr. Qin Guosheng has been invited to lead and participate in the formulation of 9 national and industry standards, 8 of which have been promulgated and implemented.

3. The Achievements of Enterprise Development:

Mr. Qin Guosheng is a typical technology-based entrepreneur who leads the development of enterprises through innovation. HONGSAM successfully landed on the New Third Board in January 2014, stock code: 430616, is the first inkjet ink company to land on the New Third Board in China, and was identified as a key listed reserve enterprise in Henan Province. It has maintained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise for 18 consecutive years, and is recognized as a national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise, a science and technology small giant enterprise in Henan Province, an innovative pilot enterprise in Henan Province, a "specialized, special and new" enterprise in Zhengzhou City, and one of the top ten "three high" enterprises in Zhengzhou City.

4. Industry Contribution:

In the past 30 years, Mr. Qin Guosheng has been standing at the forefront of the world's inkjet technology research and development, forward-looking pioneering and innovative, leading the development of China's inkjet industry, known as the "vane of inkjet printing industry". Mr. Qin Guosheng is the first technical expert in China to develop nano pigment inkjet ink and put it into application and achieve outstanding results, and is the founder and pioneer of the research and development and application of nano pigment inkjet ink in China. CCTV 10's "Infinite Innovation" column has made a special report on Mr. Qin Guosheng and his invention of water-based nano pigment ink, and it is reported that Mr. Qin Guosheng has created a precedent for high-end digital printing in China. He was invited to lead and participate in the formulation of 9 national and industry standards, leading and standardizing the development of the industry.

5. Social Responsibility:

An enterprise is a unit of society, relying on society for survival and development, and at the same time, it must also assume social responsibility. In the face of disasters, the responsibility and responsibility of entrepreneurs can be more demonstrated. Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake, Mr. Qin Guosheng took the lead in donating as soon as possible; Pair up with poor students to help them achieve their college dreams; In 2021, Zhengzhou's "7.20" flood disaster that has not been encountered in a century, in the case of the disaster of its own enterprise, while saving itself, while donating to Xinxiang, Hebi, Gongyi and other places that were more seriously affected, was commended and thanked by the local government. Since 2017, he has actively supported the reform of the dyeing and finishing and light engineering major of Henan Institute of Engineering, opened the "Digital Printing Professional Class", and personally organized up to 11 engineers of the company to develop relevant courses to teach students in dyeing and finishing and light chemical engineering, and donated inkjet printing machines worth more than 1 million yuan to the school in 2022, so that students can experience the magic of digital printing without leaving school.Years of hard work, because of the promotion of excellent entrepreneurs such as Mr. Qin Guosheng, so that the industry talents continue to grow, dyeing and finishing and light engineering graduates are in short supply.

6. Employee Care:

Treat employees as family members and lead employees to grow continuously. Take the initiative to dilute its own shares, launch an employee stock ownership plan, and create an entrepreneurial platform for employees; Founded "Hongsam College", served as the dean, combined with external training institutions, so that every employee from the day they stepped into Hongsam continue to get the opportunity to learn and growth; During the epidemic, at all costs, he purchased warm clothes, various daily necessities, food and epidemic prevention materials for the employees who were locked down in the factory, issued epidemic subsidies, and found ways to relieve the pressure and emotions of employees.

7. Continuous Study:

Whether in the office or at home, the most conspicuous thing that Mr. Qin Guosheng can see is books - all kinds of professional, historical, scientific, and artistic books, and Joseph Needham's "History of Chinese Science and Technology" is impressively listed, which shows his obsession with the history and development of science and technology. This corresponds to the core values that the company has adhered to for 20 years: "Science, Honesty, Transcendency, Enivironmental-friendly". Being able to lead the inkjet industry for 20 years is the result of 20 years of continuous learning and Xi improvement. At the same time, he often goes out to participate in training, participate in industry forums, and take advantage of various opportunities to recharge and improve. This persistent spirit of learning has also driven employees and families. The weekly corporate study meeting is a work exchange and a learning Xi sharing. Mr. Qin Guosheng's family was also rated as a "scholarly family" in Zhengzhou. He firmly believes in the way of "learning Xi to strengthen the country" and is determined to cultivate the company into a "learning Xi organization".

Have a sense of family and country, and have lofty aspirations; Continuous learning Xi, industry leader; Take responsibility and love employees; Leading an industry and driving an economy; Lead an enterprise and grow a group of talents. Mr. Qin Guosheng was named "Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur Pilot Plan Growth Entrepreneur", which is well deserved.

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