HONGSAM Carry Out Training on the Dual Prevention Mechanism to Strengthen the Concept of Safe Development
Jun 21,2023
On the morning of August 3rd, HONGSAM headquarters organized a training for all staff on the basic knowledge of the dual prevention system. In order to effectively do a good job in the construction of the dual prevention system, improve the ability of employees to control safety risks and accident prevention awareness.

With the intensification of market competition, manufacturing safety and quality control has become an important issue that every manufacturing enterprise cannot avoid. In order to make enterprises in the competitive market in an invincible position, they realize that they must establish a dual prevention system, both in each production link strict control, but also in the staff training efforts. This training is to strengthen the staff's understanding and application of the dual prevention system.

At the training site, the introduction background and core concept of the dual prevention system were detailed from the aspects of the necessity of constructing the dual prevention mechanism and the work focus of the dual prevention mechanism. Combined with the consolidation and improvement requirements of the dual prevention system, according to the characteristics of different business work and the operation of the previous system, in-depth explanation is made on how to focus on the various processes in risk classification control, focus on the implementation of various steps in the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and in-depth analysis is carried out on how to avoid accidents and rectify hidden dangers.

Through this training, the staff has further strengthened their understanding of the dual prevention mechanism, improved the ability of all staff to participate in risk identification and hidden danger investigation, and laid a solid foundation for strengthening production safety management in the future, improving the responsibility system of production safety, implementing the "one post and two responsibilities", and improving the level of production safety.

The enterprise is the family of the employees, and the safety of the employees and the smooth development of the business are directly related to the future of the enterprise. By establishing a dual prevention system, we can ensure the safety of our employees and enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of our business. Let's work together to build a safe and stable working environment!

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