Hongsam Won the Excellent Patent Silver Award of CNTAC
Oct 11,2023

The China National Textile and Apparel Council issued the "Notice of the Excellent Patent of the China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2022", Hongsam "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink won the “Excellent Patent Silver Award in 2022”.

Innovation capability is the driving force of technology companies and products, as well as their core competitiveness. As a fertile ground for enterprise growth and development, Hongsam has always attached importance to the construction of its own intellectual property rights such as corporate brands and patents, and developed and produced functional and environmentally friendly inkjet inks that adapt to the advancement of digital inkjet technology. Intensive cultivation, continuous realization of independent research and development of key core technologies, and enhancement of market competitiveness.

Hongsam "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink is an earlier nano inkjet ink launched in China. In 2006, it obtained the invention patent, and was also supported by the National Innovation Fund project and market promotion and application. At the same time, Hongsam also participated in the formulation of industry standards, publicizing and implementing standards, guiding and opening up the way for the application of Chinese inkjet pigment inks. Hongsam "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink makes up the lack of domestic nano-pigment digital inkjet, and has good performance on fastness, feel, color, and fluency, and satisfies customers' requirements for cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester-nylon, and cotton-nylon , polyester, nylon, silk and other fabric applications, can be described as a kind of ink for all fabrics.

By continuous technology R&D and process innovation, Hongsam has reduced customers' dependence on imported ink and procurement costs, and promoted the industry's transformation to energy conservation, environmental protection, and clean production. The company has established special R&D project teams for different series of products to ensure the continuous follow-up and optimization of each product. Up to now, Hongsom has 14 patents, including 10 national invention patents, 8 of which are digital printing patents, including "SILKMATE®" acid dye ink, "HOTME®" high energy disperse ink, "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink, "ReactoMe ®" reactive dye ink, Hongsam cationic dye ink.

Among them, the pigment ink, disperse ink, reactive ink, and acid ink have passed the ECO PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) authoritative certification of the German Hohenstein Research Institute OEKO-TEX (International Environmental Protection Textile Association) and were selected into the "Recommended Catalog of Advanced Technologies for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction" by China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association , among which JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment Ink has passed the REACH Regulation SVHC Substances of Very High Concern 201 List. Various threshold safety and environmental protection indicators have reached the EU advanced standards, and obtained the EU Green Passport.

As a forerunner in the textile digital printing industry, Hongsam has relatively cutting-edge technical information and market observation, and strives to achieve "I have what others don’t have, and I am superior to what others have". Starting from customer needs, solve the pain points of customers in market applications, subdivide product functions, and optimize product details. Hongsam created the application of the first Single Pass high-energy disperse dye ink in China, refined the functions of the thermal transfer market, and launched sublimation inks with high light fastness and high migration fastness, aiming at the monopoly of foreign inks , we have independently developed an environmentally friendly water-based latex ink suitable for a variety of media and won a good reputation in the market......

The above is the epitome of Hongam’s independent innovation ability. In the future, Hongsam will focus on innovation capabilities with a more open attitude and make every effort to build Hongsam's independent innovation system. Promote the localization of digital inkjet printing ink, promote the transformation of the domestic printing and dyeing industry to a digital production model, and promote the development of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in China's printing and dyeing industry.

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