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JETALL® Water Based Eco-friendly Latex ink
    • ▪ No restriction on printing materials,  e.g., PU, leather, nonwoven paper, wallpaper, film, canvas, light box cloth......

    • ▪ Pure water-based environmentally friendly process, no Vocs volatilization.

    • ▪ Used for Hongjet latex printer with Epson printheads
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Product Name

Available Color

Suitable Printheads

Special Latex Ink for Epson Printheads


Epson Printheads dx5 dx713200S3200

Special Latex Ink for Industrial Heads

Fuji Starfire, Kyocera, Seiko


Clothing printing:Lettering film color-changing printing on non-absorbent fabrics such as clothing leather / soft decoration / down jackets.

Shoe printing:Microfiber leather, PU, leather, PVC and other materials printing.

Advertising industry:Car sticker, reflective film, canvas cloth, painting cloth, light box cloth and other outdoor materials.

Home decoration:Artwork reproduction, oil painting, background wall mural, wall covering, wall paper, veil curtain, Chinese screen, etc.

Indoor soft decoration:Soft bag leather, sofa furniture, decorative wood, etc.

Automotive interior:Car seat, foot pad material, interior accessories, steering wheel cover, etc.

Digital printing:Digital printing, coated paper proofing, gold and silver cardboard proofing, plane printing hot stamping process special paper material printing, etc.

Special material:Materials than cannot be printed well by other methods, such as: boat canvas, navy paper, dark PU garment leather, metal sheet, Tyvek® Paper (Tyvek® is a trademark of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.),etc.

Product Advantages

  • Unlimited material types, direct printing of uncoated or outdoor coated materials.

  • Pure water-based environment-friendly technology to meet the needs of more application.

  • Water-based nano-pigment system, weather resistance breaks through the industry bottleneck.

  • Brand-new technology, brand-new product application fields, creating high added value and

  • differentiated competitive advantages for customers.

Printing Show

Product Development Background

The successful research and development of Hongsam Jetall water-based latex ink is a very big innovation and breakthrough for the development of the inkjet industry in 2021. It will greatly help consolidate brand influence and enrich product line advantages. Hongsheng Digital stands at the forefront of industry development. Be at the forefront, become a leader in leading the development of the industry, and participate in the emerging technological trends in the printing industry. Latex ink is a game-changing product that will significantly broaden our existing business scope.

In the current situation of rapid industry development and full market competition, the emergence of latex ink has given new vitality to the market. Latex solutions have become a new track for industry competition. On the new track, we are still leading.

The power of latex ink is mainly reflected in: it can meet the printing quality requirements of different industries, use water-based ink to achieve uncoated material printing, greatly broaden the range of printing materials, so that latex ink can not only cover most of the existing inkjet printing Ink applications have even expanded and extended areas that were previously impossible with inkjet.

While achieving better colors and being more environmentally friendly, it also achieves more powerful functionality. Weather resistance required by the advertising industry, dry and wet friction required by the textile industry, batch printing of uncoated materials in the printing industry, high and low temperature resistance, bending and stretching, acid and alkali resistance, and solvent resistance required by some special materials. Each characteristic of latex ink can be used to expand related application solutions.

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