Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Ink for High Speed Printer
    • ▪ High transfer rate, energy saving

    • Support high-speed printing, 30 print heads, 1000m2/hour

    • ▪ Excellent fluency, protect printheads.

    • ▪ Suitable for different printheads: Epson, Fuji Starfire, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera
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Colors:C, M, Y, K, LK, LM, LK, LLK, B, OR, FM, FY



Suitable for digital sublimation transfer printing of general polyester fabrics, and digital printing of coated metals, glass, and ceramics, etc.

Auxiliaries:Dr. cleaner, Printhead protection liquid PL-01, Ink guid fluid, Cleanning liquid.

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Product Qualification

  • Hongsam is the patent holder of disperse ink in China with independent intellectual property right.
  • Hongsam is the drafting unit of national industry standard for disperse ink.
  • In 2013, HOTME® disperse ink was selected as the “Recommended Catalogue of the 7th Batch of AdvancedTechnology for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction by China Dyeing and Printing Association”.
  • Environment-friendly, HOTME® disperse dye ink passed the ECO PASSPORTby OEKO-TEX®.
Industry Analysis

Market size: The sublimation thermal transfer printing market has shown a steady growth trend in recent years. As consumers' demand for personalized, fashionable and unique products continues to increase, heat transfer printing, as a simple and efficient decoration technology, has been widely used.

Application areas: The application areas of the sublimation thermal transfer printing market are very wide. Mainly including textiles, leather products, plastic products, ceramic products, etc. Among them, the textile market is the main consumer area of the thermal transfer market, including clothing, home textiles, sports equipment, etc. In addition, the leather products market is also an important application area for thermal transfer printing, including footwear, leather bags, belts, etc.

Market trends: Personalized customization is one of the consumer trends in recent years, which has also promoted the development of the sublimation printing market. Consumers hope to have unique products, and thermal transfer technology can achieve rapid and accurate pattern transfer to meet consumers' needs for personalized products. In addition, environmental protection and sustainable development are also current focuses of attention. Compared with traditional printing, dyeing and other decoration methods, thermal transfer technology is solvent-free and environmentally friendly, and is more in line with the needs of modern consumers.

Competition situation: The heat transfer market is highly competitive, with major manufacturers including heat transfer film suppliers, heat transfer equipment manufacturers and heat transfer service providers. As market demand increases, new competitors continue to emerge. In this competitive situation, Hongsam keep on R&D and innovation, provides high-quality products and services, and continuously meets market demand are the keys for companies to gain competitive advantages.

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