DTF Printers
High Efficiency Dryer for DTF Printer

    Increased drying efficiency, more reasonable use of drying space,and faster heating

    Using adjustable mesh belt transmission, the feeding is smoother and smoother, and it saves consumables.

    Internally integrated smoke exhaust purification device, which can be intelligently adjusted according to different materials.

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Brief Information

This equipment is a drying equipment specially developed and produced for No-Powder DTF printing solutions. This drying equipment provides heat through the heating element and circulates the hot air into the drying box through the fan. The heat is evenly transferred to the material through hot air conduction and convection, allowing it to evaporate water, and the ink and material are fully integrated to form perfect image quality. At the same time, it has super strong adhesion and friction resistance, meeting various almost demanding functional requirements of different customers.

Model: HJ-H602

Transmission method: mesh belt transmission

Drying method: Intelligent temperature-controll ed hot air circulation drying system
Product Advantages

  • Pioneered techology with invention patent. Customized for Powderless DTF printer.

  • Intelligent control hot air circulation, low noise, low consumption, high efficiency, Eco-friendly and power saving. 

  • Precise temperature control on different areas separately, adapting to various printing modes. 

  • Easier to operate, reduce printing consumables and cost. 

  • Maintenance-free, less wearing parts, longer service life.

Application Graphic
Technical Parameters
Maximum Width
Product Dimension
Rated Power
Net Weight
Work Energy*
Package Size
Single-phase  AC 220V 50/60Hz
Gross Weight
*Energy consumption is measured under condition: Set temperature 120℃, heating fan speed 60%, for reference only.

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