HONGSAM Participated in the 7th China Art and Frame Expo 2012
Sep 20,2012

The 7th China Art and Frame Expo was grandly held at Yiwu International Expo Center from September 18th to 20th, 2012. The 7th China Art and Frame Expo, known as "Asia's highest-level art and frame industry exhibition", has become the largest, highest-grade, most comprehensive and professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, with the highest degree of globalization and internationalization. Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition.

The 7th China Art and Frame Expo is one of the three major exhibitions in the world, after Art and Frame Exhibition in Bologna, Italy and Atlanta in the United States. As the largest professional exhibition of frame industry and decorative painting in the Asia-Pacific region, It is recognized as the most professional and most effective frame industry exhibition in China. As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. participated the exhibition with mature printing solutions for home decoration, high-end art reproduction, special printing. The "amazing" performance of Hongsam's full range of high-quality and excellent inkjet inks in various solutions won highly praise from the visitors! HONGSAM Exhibited Printing Solutions:

High-end oil painting reproduction printing solution with Hongsam® fourth-generation pigment ink (exclusively for oil canvas): Hongsam® fourth-generation pigment ink exclusively for oil canvas printing has extremely high physical and chemical stability. No clogging nozzle, waterproof, light-resistant, UV-resistant, non-fading for 75-100 years outdoors, so it’s suitable for high-end artwork reproduction. At the 7th China Art and Frame Expo, Hong-Jet 4182 used "Hongsam® canvas printing pigment ink printed canvases on-site. The printed picture was clear and realistic, and the characters in the artwork were even more lifelike, like an authentic work by a famous artist, attracted the attention of many visitors at the scene.

HongJet 4160-LUV uses Hongsam UV light-curing ink to print special materials: HJ-F4160-LUV LED-UV flatbed printer has a truly industrialized production platform adsorption system that can adsorb different printing materials; and the height of the nozzle is adjustable, so it can print materials with various thicknesses, meeting customers' needs for multi-purpose industrial production. At the 7th China Art and Frame Expo, HJ-F4160-LUV cooperated with Hongsam UV light-curing ink to print ceramic tiles, glass, acrylic boards and other special materials on-site, with high precision and ultra-high speed. The output effect and the delicate presentation of Hongsam UV light-curing ink won the highly praise from many visitors.

HongJet 4165 uses "JETALL®" eco-solvent pigment ink to print leather and other materials: "JETALL®" eco-solvent pigment ink can print leather, shoe materials, PVC, uncoated film, and coated paper without coating; the ink is waterproof, lightfast, non-fading, high temperature resistant, and has excellent color saturation and smoothness. At the 7th China Art and Frame Expo, the HongJet 4165 and JETALL®" high-performance eco-solvent pigment ink demonstrated their high productivity and excellent image printing quality.

EPSON 9908 uses Hongsam® fourth-generation rice paper pigment ink for high-end artwork reproduction solution: This solution is composed of EPSON 9908 with Hongsam® pigment ink special for rice paper, output software, and ICC, can print rice paper and art paper at high speed. The stable physical structure and excellent qualities of waterproof, lightfast, and UV-resistant Hongsam® fourth-generation pigment ink (for rice paper) at the exhibition were perfectly presented on each piece of famous calligraphy and painting with the help of EPSON 9908.

The 7th China Art and Frame Expo has rushed through its seventh year with honors and dreams. Hongsam Digital will continue to be committed to the research and application promotion of digital printing solutions to meet the needs of various industries for inkjet printing solutions. HONGSAM is always on the way to be a world-renowned digital printing solution provider!

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