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Aug 19,2022

Exhibition Site

In August, the hot weather did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. On August 18th, the highly anticipated Guangzhou International Textiles and Printing Industry Expo officially kicked off. At the scene, there were our professional teams provided detailed consulting services and professional guidance for the audience, let the audience know about our latex ink printing solutions closely. Welcome new and old customers to come to watch the exhibition! HONGSAM looks forward to your visit!

With the opening of the exhibition, the Jetall® Water based latex ink printing solution became a "eye -catching" landscape in the venue, attracting a large number of customers from all over the country to consult Hongsheng Digital staff.

Exhibition Booth: T024

Latex Printing Solutions Followed by Many Visiters

What points attracted your attention to know more about HONGSAM?

At the moment, the industry competition is so fierce, the production capacity of equipment manufacturers is excessive, Hongsam Water based environmentally friendly latex ink printing brings new development opportunities.

With its new technological characteristics, the latex printing solution has expanded the application of digital printing, enhanced the product printing effect, presents the advantages of differentiated competition for customers.

During the exhibition, some leather, dense organza, glass stickers, and TPU textile composite materials were printed.

01JETALL Water Based® Latex Printing Ink

Brief Introduction

Ink Characteristics:水Water based, environmental friendly, no smell, no No corrosion, good film ductility, good color, high fastness, frozen temperature resistance to low temperature, bending resistance, non-brittle cracking.

Suitable Materials:Dark and light color leather, wallpaper wall cloth, advertising rolls, carton boards, various fabrics.

Application:Leather soft clothes, bags and bags, leather leather shoes, interior decoration.

Printing Principle

Printing imaging principle diagram

As shown in the figure above, the latex ink is divided into OP (OPTIMIZER) ink and color ink. OP ink and color ink are sprayed by the spray head and quickly reacts on the surface of the medium. After the appropriate temperature is dried, the printing process is completed. OP ink has the effect of locking color ink droplets and generating accuracy during the printing process.

OP ink usage comparison

Colleagues from HONGSAM enthusiastically explained the printing solutions professionally, so that the visitors could have a deeper understanding of the application of water-based latex ink.

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