Different Latex Ink Application Solutions at Two Major Exhibitions in Dongguan and Keqiao
Oct 11,2023
Different Latex Ink Application Solutions at Two Major Exhibitions in Dongguan and Keqiao!

On April 11th, HONGSAM Digital's water-based environmentally friendly latex solution appeared at two major exhibitions in Dongguan and Keqiao simultaneously. Based on the exhibition properties and different application scenarios, HONGSAM environmentally friendly water-based latex ink has come up with different application solutions. From the perspective of the audience at the exhibition site, everyone has developed a strong interest in latex ink printing solutions, directly communicating with customers face-to-face, breaking down professional insights, and bringing about a collision between creativity and technology.

TSCI-2023 Shaoxing International Digital Textile Printing Industry Application Exhibition.

The textile digital printing solutions mainly displayed in this exhibition include: directing printing textile pigment ink, direct printing high energy disperse ink, sublimation printing solution, one pass, DTF, DTG and other equipment. The characteristic is that the printing equipment is getting faster and faster, with printer speeds ranging from a few hundred meters to nearly a thousand meters, which can be said to fly fast; the printing effect of the solution is getting better and better, and the eight-color, twelve-color, and spot-color solution have become another competitive high-land for equipment manufacturers; The types of solutions are becoming more and more abundant. Among them, with a hundred flowers blooming in directing printing textile pigment ink, competing for beauty. HONGSAM digital's “JETTEXTILE®” textile pigment ink accounted for 60% of the exhibition by equipment manufacturers. Direct printing high energy disperse ink is a new field that equipment manufacturers are striving for. Direct printing high energy disperse ink is currently the latest business growth point in the digital printing field. HONGSAM Digital Direct printing high energy disperse ink accounted for 100% of the display solutions of equipment manufacturers in this exhibition.

From the exhibition site, it can be seen that the market is recovering and thriving, which shows that the competition in the industry is indeed becoming increasingly fierce. Only sufficient competition can make the industry develop faster. Industry colleagues are working hard to provide faster equipment guarantee for the development of the digital printing industry, as well as a more stable and cost-effective supply of consumables.

The highlight of HONGSAM digital's exhibition this time is HONGSAM “JETALL®” water-based latex ink and its application solution, which is the only one in the hall.

Scheme 1. water-based latex wallpaper, mural, wall cloth printing solution
Printing media: wallpaper, mural materials, wall cloth, advertising cloth, etc.

Scheme 2. Water-based environmentally friendly latex ink printing solution
Printing media: leather, wallpaper, shoes, clothing fabrics, textile products, light box, HDPE Nonwoven paper, glass stickers, PU, PVC and other materials.

Providing textile printing solution for clothing leather, shoe leather, and special textile functional fabrics has attracted a lot of attention from industry friends and exhibitors. Equipment manufacturers have sent personnel to learn and consult cooperation matters, and end customers are constantly sampling and testing processes,becoming the focus and highlight of the audience.

The 5th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (the last day of tomorrow)

In this exhibition, HONGSAM Digital is located in No. 1 digital printing hall, where domestic and foreign digital printing enterprises gather. The main solution in the hall is inkjet printing, mainly focused on POD printing and corrugated paper printing, and imported equipment manufacturers' carbon powder machines. Among them, in terms of water-based POD printing solutions, the domestic leading manufacturer Founder, as the representative manufacturer, took the lead in launching a 1200DPI high-speed coated paper printing solution, which was amazing. Other manufacturers mostly focused on Kyocera print-head solutions in POD displays, and the Epson print-head printing solution also had very good results.Among them, HONGSAM’s POD (offset paper inkjet printing) printing ink used by many equipment manufacturers was displayed on site. The ink has been adapted to high-speed industrial piezoelectric print heads such as Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, and Samba (foam print-head compatible ink can also be developed). The ink product gamut includes the basic four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan,black, and spot red.

At the same time, HONGSAM's booth also displayed

Scheme 1. Water-based latex eight-color printing solution
Scope of application: soft bags, labels, special paper materials, etc.

Scheme 2. Water-based pigment coated paper heating printing solution
Scope of application: interior decoration, graphic printing, digital proofing, short version printing, etc.

At the exhibition, the application of HONGSAM water-based environmentally friendly latex ink in the advertising and printing industry is also a relatively new solution for industry insiders. The exhibition site has attracted the attention of some foreign equipment manufacturers and friends. HONGSAM Digital has won recognition from a large number of customers with full enthusiasm and patient and meticulous service! Dongguan Printing Exhibition is still in progress. Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition. Welcome all industry colleagues to visit HONGSAM booth: 1-1032 and discuss together. We will continue to strengthen the research and development of more new products and provide excellent products and services to our industry partners.

Zhengzhou HONGSAM Digital Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production and sales of inkjet ink. It is listed on the New Third Board of China in the inkjet industry (stock code 430616). Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the research, development and application promotion of digital inkjet technology. Develop and produce functional and environmentally friendly inkjet inks that adapt to the advancement of digital inkjet technology, and provide customers with overall solutions and services for digital inkjet printing.

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