Water Based Latex Ink | Crossing the Border | Zhengzhou Sign Expo Ended Successfully
Feb 15,2023

Zhengzhou Sign Expo/ Exhibition Review

From February 15 to 17, 2023, the three-day Zhengzhou Sign Expo came to a successful conclusion. Hongsam Digital and the latex printing solution of Hongjet appeared at the exhibition site. Hongsam Digital combined with the needs of the advertising industry, this time Hongsam Digital demonstrated a more targeted latex printing solution.


Water Based Latex Printing Solution for Wallpaper / Wall Covering

The latest 3.2-meter wide latex printing solution launched by Hongjet has attracted quite a lot of attention. It is mainly used for printing home decoration wallpapers and wall coverings. It uses latex ink to print home textile products that are green, environmentally friendly and odorless, and are more in line with the requirements of home decoration.


8 Colors Water Based Latex Printing Solution for Digital Printing

The solution equipment has a golden width of 1.3 meters, and the printed materials are relatively comprehensive. It has good applications in digital outdoor imaging, coated paper proofing, advertising car stickers, glass stickers, etc. In addition, this solution can also print some special materials, such as Dupont Paper etc.


Water Based Latex Printing Solution for Light Box Advertising Cloth

At this exhibition, Hongsam Digital displayed the market's UV soft film light box and Hongsam water-based latex printed textile advertising cloth light box, allowing customers to compare the differences between the two solutions on-site, which also aroused many customers' interest in latex.


Exhibition Status

Throughout this advertising exhibition, the competition between UV photo machines in the exhibition hall is still relatively fierce. On the other hand, Hongsam is the standout in this advertising exhibition. In terms of latex ink, the public's awareness of latex printing solutions is also increasing, including in the domestic market. Gradually improving, Hongsam Digital, as an advocate of water-based environmentally friendly latex multi-media printing solutions, has been constantly exploring more application areas, especially the green, environmentally friendly and odorless we have always advocated, and there are differences in printing effects and fastness. The advantages of globalization will definitely bring new growth space to the market.

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