Hongsam Invites You to Attend 40th Zhongyuan Advertrising Exhibition
Feb 10,2023
Hongsam will provide better products with more professional service for various printing manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in 2023.

Hongsam will unveil the new water based latex printing solution in 2023 Spring (Zhengzhou) 40th Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, which is the first exhibition of the year.

Printing Solution on Exhibition

In this advertising exhibition, Hongsam Latex ink has brought a subversive printing solution to advertisers, which can get rid of the disadvantages of non-environmental protection and functionality of traditional printing methods. Combined with the needs of high-end brand customers, Hongsam Digital launched new latex ink printing solutions at this exhibition: 1. Water-based latex color white color ultra-transparent glass paste printing solution. 2. Indoor High-Definition Environmental Protection Cab Cloth Light Box & Water-based Latex Ink Color - White  - Color Printing. 3. 8-color water-based latex printing, image, decoration output solution. 4. Water-based environmentally friendly latex wide format wallpaper mural wall cloth printing solution. 5. Water based environmental firendly PU leather printing solution.

In the field of traditional advertising printing, the most troublesome problem for operators is the smell, which is harmful to a certain extent. After the printing is finished, the smell will continue to volatilize on the product. In the market with high requirements, the product risk is relatively high. Hongsam water-based latex printing solution can solve these problems very well, and it uses a wide range of materials and has no boundaries in the application field. At present, Hongsheng Latex Solution has established cooperation with a domestic brand, which also strongly proves the functionality of the latex solution, and is also an affirmation of Hongsheng Digital's development of latex solutions.

The exhibition will last for three days. Hongsam will bring more display of latex printing media. Friends who want to know about latex printing solutions, welcome to Hongsam booth.

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