Special Pigment Ink for Offset Paper
Pigment Ink for Offset Paper
    • ▪ Ultra high black density, gorgeous color, wide gamut.

    • ▪ Excellent waterproof performance, good weather resistance.

    • ▪ High safety, excellent continuous printing performance.

    • ▪ Protect the print head, suitable for high-speed continuous printing.
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Color Available:C M Y K R G B OR

Suitable Printhead:

Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, Samba and other high-speed industrial piezoelectric printheads
(Compatible ink of thermal foaming printhead can also be developed).


Offset paper, Newsprint, Rice paper, Carbon free paper, Digital paper, Wallpaper.

Product Advantages

  • Adopting top pigment, average particle size ≤ 200nm (D90). 
  • Ultra high black density, gorgeous color, wide gamut. 
  • Excellent waterproof performance, good weather resistance. 
  • High safety, excellent continuous printing performance. 
  • Protect the print head, suitable for high-speed continuous printing.

Printing Show

Product Development Background

The key printing fields involved in offset printing include equipment operations in the ubiquitous fields of timely, large-volume, and low-cost printing such as newspapers and magazines, textbooks, books and documents, packaging and decoration, advertising, etc., and it occupies a dominant position. In the contemporary era with the rise of digital printing, inkjet printing, and direct-to-plate printing, the personalized printing market, variable printing market, and short-run printing market are gradually emerging, and they are beginning to march into the batch printing market. However, offset printing continues to adopt contemporary Scientific and technological achievements and digital innovation in wine packaging have continued to improve the scientific and technological content of this printing method, continuously improve production efficiency and fine printing quality, and have made new progress in improving automation, digitization and standardization. Now not only can pre-press , printing, post-press, and management are integrated together, and the entire printing process is digitized and box-gluing is automated, making the traditional printing method of offset printing rejuvenated.

The digitization of offset printing equipment changes the original manual work to computer operation, including the setting of parameters and adjustment parts and fault diagnosis. The above operations can be completed on the console. On the other hand, through the standardization of file formats, the platemaking information of pre-press, printing, post-press and other related equipment can be digitally transmitted, eliminating repeated adjustment of data in subsequent equipment, realizing digital subsequent transmission, and saving subsequent adjustment time and adjustments. Errors improve efficiency and quality, and also prevent the marginalization of prepress equipment in equipment manufacturing or the island effect, and realize the digital connection of equipment throughout the printing process. Another aspect is to realize it on the machine-to-plate digital printing press, so that the offset printing press becomes a true digital printing press and the offset printing press becomes a personalized, variable, short-run printing equipment.

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