APPPEXPO 2023 Review
Jun 21,2023

APPPEXPO is one of the important exhibitions of advertising printing industry, and it is also a platform to showcase new technologies and trends in the industry. The exhibition lasts for four days (06.18~06.21), Hongsam digital has the honor to bring a number of advertising printing related solutions and products to the exhibition site, showing its own strength in technology research and development and innovation. Booth number: 5.2H-C1500.

New Technology 01

PET Film Transfer Printing Solution Without Powder

All the equipment manufacturers in the exhibition hall are showing the shake powder solution, Hongsam digital released revolutionary PET film transfer printing solution without powder for cotton and other printing media. Its revolution lies in that this solution solves the natural defects of “PET film transfer printing solution with powder”, it becomes a very good complementary solution in the field of digital printing, adds a more down-to-earth solution to prosper the digital printing. The printing process of this solution is shorter, and the whole process has only three steps: printing-drying-transfer. This is similar to sublimation transfer on polyester, except that the PET film is instead of the sublimation paper, and there is no "powder shaking" process, which reduces the probability of defective products and avoids many problems with the powder shaking solution.


PET film transfer printing solution with powder

DTF® PET film transfer printing solution without powder

DTF® without powder Advantage

Solution configuration

2-head DTF printer, powder shaking machine and dryer

3-head DTF printer, dryer

Short process, fully automated, less maintenance and labor cost

Color performance

White color cannot perform well sometimes

All colors can perform well


Image definition

Due to the reliability of the powder shaking machine and the quality of powder, fine pattern can not be transfer

No powder shaking machine and powder quality influence, suitable for fine pattern performance

Good image details performance, especially the fine pattern performance; excellent image output performance

Washing fastness




60 Soaping fastness with steel ball




60 Washing fastness with nylon brush (50 times)

Good fastness

Good fastness

Same washing fastness with nylon brush

Dry rubbing fastness



Good dry rubbing fastness

Wet rubbing fastness



Better wet rubbing fastness


Almost not stretchable

Highly stretchable

Wide application for different fabrics

Air permeability

No air permeability

Good air permeability, comfortable to wear

Good air permeability, comfortable to wear

Hand feeling

Hard hand feeling, foreign body sensation, too thick

No hand feeling, suitable for soft fabric,

Overcome the problem of hard hand feeling

Thickness of PET film

Very thick, not suitable for glossy media transfer printing, foreign body sensation

No thickness, closely fit the surface of the media, no hand feeling

Suitable for most glossy media, textile, glass and leather. Convenient post-finishing

General cost

Material cost + maintenance cost

Material cost

The general material cost are almost same, reducing maintenance time and labor

Manpower requirement

Two people maintain a machine

One people maintains three machines

Convenient, easy operation, automation

Print speed



Almost same

Draw Attention 02

Latex Printing Solution for a Wide Range of Materials

In the advertising industry, there are many material applications, labels, packaging, decoration, and even textiles, it may be necessary to configure different solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers, and at the same time, maintenance costs may be higher, and Hongsam developed water based eco-friendly latex solutions have great advantages in this regard, a solution can print a variety of materials, such as: Leather, wallpaper, shoe material, clothing fabric, textile light box cloth, nonwoven, glass sticker, pu, pvc, soft bag, label, special paper.

Latex Ink Printing Samples

Latex Ink Printing Copper Paper Material

A strong interest in our solutions and products. Our exhibition team is dedicated to providing quality service for each customer to meet customer needs. We provide professional explanation and service for the audience in a comprehensive and multi-angle, on-site consultation and communication.

Why not come and have a look by yourself! We look forward to having you at Booth 5.2H-C1500 and we will continue to provide you with products and services that exceed your expectations. Share this feast with you, love together!

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