Reactive Dye Inks
Pre-treatment Liquid RP-01
    • ▪ Improve pattern sharpness and color yield.
    • ▪ Prevent ink infiltrate.
    • ▪ Reduce blowdown.
    • ▪ Soft hand feeling.
    • ▪ Easy to remove paste.
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Brief Information


Color:White powder


▪ Improve pattern sharpness and color yield.

▪ Prevent ink infiltrate.

▪ Reduce blowdown.

▪ Soft hand feeling.

▪ Easy to remove paste.

Use Ratio:20-30g/L

Shelf Life:1 year

Pretreatment liquid for reactive ink RP-01 is a white powder used as a pretreatment primer for reactive digital printing. Fabrics (cotton, linen, modal, wool, etc.) treated with reactive pretreatment liquid RP-01 have strong absorption capabilities for reactive dye inks, preventing the ink from seeping into non-pattern areas and improving pattern accuracy and color depth, achieving good coordination. Pretreatment liquid RP-01 has the characteristics of high stability, high color yield, simple use and easy removal. After pulping, a variety of sizing equipment can be used for sizing. After drying and steaming, it still has good water solubility and is easy to desizing.
Using Method and Process
Reference for Pluping Process
Ingredients Cotton Rayon
Pre-treatment Liquid RP-01 2% 2%
NaHCO 3% 3%
Carbamide 8% 12%
Water 87% 83%
Total 100% 100%


1. First add the weighed urea and baking soda to the specified amount of water in sequence, and stir evenly. 

2. Add the weighed RP-01 into the barrel of the first step evenly while stirring. After stirring for about 30 minutes, leave it for 2-4 hours to fully expand the slurry. Stir again for about 30 minutes. Even and particle-free, ready to use. 

Caution: Please conduct preliminary experiments before use, and adjust the equipment, process and prescription according to the actual production conditions and fabrics. If you need to use it with other additives in the same bath, please also ask the customer to conduct preliminary experiments to determine the suitable additives and the proportion of the same bath.

    1. When using this product to pretreat fabrics, pay attention to the uniform amount of liquid on the left, middle and right parts of the front and rear sections, and control the liquid rate around 60-80%; the fabric must be fully dried and sealed before printing and should not be kept for a long time ( 8h or more) save.
    2. When drying fabrics treated with this product, the temperature should not be too high and the time should not be too long. Drying at 60-100℃ shall prevail. The treated fabric should not be left for a long time to avoid affecting the digital printing effect.
    3. The shelf life of this product is 1 year and should be kept sealed.
    4. The reference process is only for illustrating the product. The actual production process depends on the specific requirements of factory equipment and fabric style and needs to be adjusted. Before use, please debug according to the actual production situation to determine the suitable process.

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