Textile Pigment Inks
Roll to Roll Textile Pigment Ink
    • Certificate: OEKO-TEX
    • Color: C, M, Y, K, W, LC, LM, GY, R, G, B, W, VM, V, FM, FY, FG, FOR
    • Suitable Printhead Model: Epson, Seiko, Ricoh, KM, Kyocera, Starfire, Samba...
    • Suitable Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester-cotton, Nylon-cotton, Linen, Polyester ammonia, modal, Nylon taffeta
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Suitable Printhead models:

EPSON Micro piezoelectric printhead model:701、707、707H、708、718、Epson printhead model SP860;

Industrial printhead models:KM,Seiko,Rioch G6, RiochG5, Starfire, Industrial head SP860, Epson S3200-A3.


* Pre-treatment liquid for light colored fabrics 9#A/PP-01/PP-03

* Pre-treatment liquid for dark colored fabrics PP-05/PP-08 (matched with white ink)

* Post-treatment color fixing agent PA-03/PA-04

* Ink guide fluid, cleaning fluid, printhead protection fluid


Suitable for cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, polyester/cotton, nylon/cotton, and other single fiber or multi-fiber blended or interwoven fabrics.

Also can be used for printing on various fabrics including but not limited to clothing, T-shirts, home furnishings and home textiles, shoe materials, outdoor tents, carpets, special medical care and hotel supplies.

Product Advantages
  • Excellent color performance, high color saturation and wide color gamut.
  • Good fluency, excellent continuous printing performance.
  • Water-based ink, the raw materials are safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Washing, wet and dry rubbing, and sunlight fastness all meet or exceed national standards;
  • Hongsom has been deeply involved in the pigment ink industry for more than 20 years.
  • Provide complete supporting products and targeted solutions according to the application direction.
Product Qualification

1. Hongsam Digital is the first drafting unit of national standards for textile pigment inks.

2. Hongsam Digital is the inventor of RCT™ (no pre-treatment and post-treatment needed) printing technology.

3. Hongsam textile pigment ink holds a national invention patent and has independent intellectual property rights.

4. Passed the authoritative ECO PASSPORT certification of the German Hohenstein Institute OEKO-TEX.

5. Passed 201 tests of SVHC substances of very high concern under the EU REACH regulations.

6. Successfully selected into the "10th Batch of Advanced Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Catalog" of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association in 2016.

7. Won the 2022 China Textile Industry Federation Excellent Patent” Silver Award.

8. Won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Textile Industry Federation.

Technical Parameters
Ink Color Pre-tratment Liquid (Use Separately) Post-treatment Liquid (Use Separately)
Roll to Roll Direct Printing C M Y K OR R G B V VM GY LC LM BLANK PP-01,(1:9-19)
9#A (1:6-19)
(Pre-treatment) -Printing-Color Fixing-(Post-treatment)
Roll to Roll Direct Printing C M Y K OR R G B V VM GY LC LM BLANK PP-01,(1:9-19) PP-03(1:9-19) 9#A (1:6-19) PA-03(1:9-19) PA-04(1:9-19) (Pre-treatment)-Printing-Color Fixing-(Post-treatment)
Product Development Background

01 One Ink for All Fabrics:

Hongsam textile pigment ink is suitable for a wide range of materials. It can be said that it is one kind of ink for all fabrics. All fabrics (such as cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester-nylon, cotton-nylon, polyester, nylon, silk) can be printed with Jettextile textile pigment ink. With the mass production of synthetic fibers and their blended fabrics, the advantages of pigment printing are particularly prominent and are very suitable for outdoor areas with high requirements for light fastness.

02 Simple Process Meets the Requirment of Green Production:

Affected by environmental protection policies, the overall costs of printing factories with pollution emission targets have increased, making it difficult for some printing factories to maintain daily operations. Textile coating ink is a typical environmentally friendly waterless digital printing solution that requires no steaming or washing. Wastewater discharge is zero, which is in line with the concept and policy requirements of green production.

03 The Printing Cost Decrease by Using Textile Pigment Ink:

The overall operation of textile pigment printing is stable and the cost is gradually declining.

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