Hongsam Digital Will Participat in the PMA 2007 in US
Jan 18,2007

The 2007 American International Imaging Equipment and Digital Electronics Trade Fair (PMA Convention & Show 2007) is a world-renowned digital imaging industry event. Therefore, our company organized a delegation to participate in this conference held at the Las Vegas Exhibition and Convention Center in the United States from March 8 to 11, 2007.

The American International Imaging Equipment and Digital Products Trade Expo held in Las Vegas, USA, referred to as the PMA Exhibition. Exhibitors include major manufacturers and R&D manufacturers in the global photographic equipment and digital industries, including dozens of first-tier manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, HP, Philips, and LG. The PMA Exhibition is for imaging and digital product retailers, image processing centers, manufacturers, suppliers, and attracted the attention of a large number of professional and non-professional people.

The Photographic Equipment Exhibition held in Orlando, USA in February 2006 was the 83rd exhibition in the United States. It is the second largest exhibition in the world and the largest exhibition in North America, held once a year. More than 700 companies from all over the world participated. The exhibition is organized by the American Photographic Market Association and co-sponsored by the Digital Imaging Market Association, the Professional Photographic Education Association, the Professional (Image) Frame Association and the Photographic Education Association.

American Imaging Equipment Exhibition/PMA

Exhibition date: March 8-March 11, 2007

Country/Region: United States/Las Vegas

Exhibition location: Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibition product: Digital imaging products

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Nature of the exhibition: Exhibitor

Organizer: Photo Marketing Association International

Booth number of Hongsam Digital is K171-A.

Hongsam Digital exhibited its new digital imaging products: Hongcai 6 series LFP products, including Hongcai 6-K3 series pigment ink application solutions, Hongsam CNAON IPF series 8 to 12-color nano lightfast pigment ink application solutions, Hongsam HP series of 8-color/12-color nano lightfast pigment inks and their application solutions, which are respectively used in the latest main digital imaging models in the world: EPSON PRO 4800/4400/7800/9800/10600/9600/7600/ 2400/1800, etc., as well as CANON IPF 5000/9000/500/600/700, etc., as well as new models such as HP DESIGNJET Z2100/Z3100, and HP 120/130NR/5500, etc.

These products will represent the production levels of world's leading third-party pigment ink and dye ink.

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