Good News:Aiqipa and Hongsam Digital Respectively Won the First Prize and the Second Prize of the 2023 China Printing and Dyeing Industry Excellent Fabrics
Jul 28,2023

In order to further play the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation in high-quality development, continue to improve the supply capacity of high-quality printing and dyeing products in China, and create new advantages for industry competition in the new era. On July 25, the "21st National Printing and Dyeing Industry New Materials, New Technologies, New Processes, New Products Technical Exchange Meeting" sponsored by the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association was held in Shanghai.

The printing and dyeing industry is an important part of the textile industry chain and an intermediate link between the past and the future. Continuously improving the technology and management level of the printing and dyeing industry is to build a modern textile industrial system and enhance the core competitiveness of the textile industry chain. At the meeting, Lin Lin, vice president and secretary-general of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, read out the "Decision on Publishing the List of Selected Products and Enterprises for Excellent Fabrics in China's Printing and Dyeing Industry in 2023". Aiqipa, a subsidiary of Hongsam Digital, won the first prize of the 2023 China Printing and Dyeing Industry Excellent Fabric Award for the "Orchid Pavilion Preface" art tea table. The PU leather "Fruit Color Adds Fragrance" printed by Hongsam Digital's water-based environmentally friendly latex won the second prize.

Hongsam Digital "Fruit Color Adds Fragrance" is printed with Hongsam water-based latex ink, realizing a water-based and environmentally friendly textile digital printing method on leather. The water-based latex solution solves the problem that traditional leather printing is difficult to achieve gradient colors and photo-effect patterns, especially has obvious advantage in the aspects of weather resistance, solvent resistance, bending resistance and stretch resistance.

"Orchid Pavilion Preface" was originally written by Wang Xizhi, a calligrapher at the foot of Lanzhu Mountain in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, as the "No. 1 Running Script in the World". Aikipa took this preface as its design inspiration and used heavy silk (100% mulberry silk) fabric , and use healthy, safe and green Hongsam environmental protection water-based ink, and high-definition textile digital printing - water-based latex direct printing process, to make the "Orchid Pavilion Preface" art tea table. The fabric of the tea table is elegant in appearance, with soft luster, and the composite plush fabric on the back can not only protect the tabletop, but also embellish the tea space. The water-based latex direct printing process adopted restores the high-definition picture quality of the tea mat, and the color is fidelity. The surface of the tea mat is also equipped with nano-level waterproof technology, which makes the product easier to take care of during use.

The water-based environmentally friendly latex solution can be personalized, no need to open a version, and the order can be returned flexibly and quickly. Flexible production is used to effectively reduce inventory, and the printed products have high color fastness and bright colors. During the production process, it can achieve low energy consumption, no Vocs volatilization, and no three wastes. At the same time, our solution is suitable for a wide range of media, no coating is required, and will not corrode. It can be applied to materials such as deep and light PU, PVC, PP, PET, Dupont paper, coated paper, kraft paper and non-woven fabrics. We can not only meet the printing needs of different media, but also fully consider the safety of the product production environment and application environment.

In addition, our water-based latex solution solves the industry's difficulties, our design and manufacture of inkjet printing equipment are innovative. The water-based environmentally friendly latex solution is a green, environmentally friendly and safe inkjet printing solution, and has passed the third-party testing agency SGS test, and the color fastness has reached or exceeded the national standard.

As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of inkjet ink, Hongsam Digital has been committed to the research, development and application promotion of digital inkjet technology since its establishment, and has developed and produced functions that adapt to the advancement of digital inkjet technology and environmentally friendly inkjet ink, actively promote the construction of digital transformation of traditional printing and dyeing enterprises, and provide users with overall digital inkjet printing solutions and services. In the future, Hongsam Digital will continue to adhere to technological innovation and technological progress, deepen the research and application of new materials, new technologies, new processes, and new product technologies, and continuously enhance market competitiveness.

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