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Powderless DTF Printer Brief Information


Colors:C, M. Y, K, W, CO

Suitable Printhead models:EPSON i3200

Printing Systems:

Printing on Film -- Drying -- Transferring to Fabrics -- Finished

Powderless DTF Printer Advantages
  • No powder technology, soft hand feeling, bright color.

  • Save labor, unlimited fabrics, simple operation, one piece starts printing.

  • No plate making, no hollowing, no waste discharge, no engraving, no powder.

  • The printing process of this solution is shorter, the whole process has only three steps: printing-drying-transfer.

  • Patent design high efficiency printer, intelligent control hot air circulation, low noise, low consumption, high efficiency, Eco-friendly and power saving. Precise temperature control on different areas separately, adapting to various printing modes.

Powderless DTF Printing Technology
Powderless DTF Printer Printing Show

Powderless DTF Printer Technical Parameters
Model HJ-600 Interface Post-treatment Liquid (Use Separately)
Printhead 3pcs * Epson i3200 Ink Type Powderless DTF Ink
Printing precision 1440dpi/1080dpi720dpi/360dpi Ink System Automatic ink supply, white ink automatic circulation system
Printing speed

High-speed mode: 15m2/h

Quality mode:10m2/h

Power 220V 50-60Hz

Printing Width

600mm Working Environment

Temperature: 20~28℃    Humidity: 50~70%

Color Mode C M Y K W CO Process Flow Printing-drying-pressing-finished product
Printing Media PET transfer film Pressing Time 160℃ / 20S
Media Transmission Automatic film retractable system Machine Size Printer: 1600*860*1500mm    Dryer:2000*1100*1350mm
Powderless DTF Printer Development Background

Sublimation digital printing solution has promoted the popularization of digital printing on polyester fabrics and provided a ubiquitous short-process digital printing method for various industries. However, the short-process digital printing technology of cotton and blended fabrics is a pain point in the industry. In 2020, “PET film transfer printing solution with powder”pioneered by the Chinese came out, ushering in a development climax in the popularization of digital transfer printing of various fabrics. Chinese original digital printing solution goes globally, bringing the gospel of short-process and water-free digital printing to various industries.

Everything has its strengths and weaknesses, the advantages and disadvantages of any solution must coexist. This depends not only on the diversity of printing media, process requirements, functional requirements. Moreover, this is a complex and beautiful world, consumers are qualified to have more needs.

Sublimation printing is for polyester, “PET film transfer printing solution with powder” gives a solution for cotton and other printing media. Due to the inevitable problems in the process of shaking powder film transfer printing, such as the requirements of fine pattern transfer, hand feeling and air permeability, there may be problems as low yield of finished products and difficult maintenance of equipment and process. In view of the inevitable defects in the film transfer printing and based on 15 years of experience in the development of pigment inks, hongsam digital released revolutionary PET film transfer printing solution without powder for cotton and other printing media. Its revolution lies in that this solution solves the natural defects of “PET film transfer printing solution with powder”, it becomes a very good complementary solution in the field of digital printing, adds a more down-to-earth solution to prosper the digital printing.

The printing process of this solution is shorter, and the whole process has only three steps: printing-drying-transfer. This is similar to sublimation transfer on polyester, except that the PET film is instead of the sublimation paper, and there is no "powder shaking" process, which reduces the probability of defective products and avoids many problems with the powder shaking solution.

Comparison of the cost: almost same with “PET film transfer printing solution with powder” solution, the main characteristics of Hongjet no pwoder DTF printing solution is simple operation, multi-application, no hand feeling, good fastness and high yield.

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