HONGSAM JETALL® water-based pigment ink participated in the tabulation of Green Consumables Award
Jul 20,2011
Synopsis: HONGSAM integrates piezoelectric inkjet printers and self-developed JETALL® water-based pigment inks, and launches a coated paper printing solution for pre-press proofing and short-run printing. It uses water as the solvent, uses imported nano-scale raw materials, and adopts resin wrapping technology to evenly disperse the pigments in the aqueous solution to form a water-based pigment ink with stable performance, which is completely water-based and environmentally friendly.

Recently, HONGSAM JETALL® water-based pigment ink participated in the tabulation of Green Consumables Award.

At the beginning of this year, Hongsam integrated piezoelectric inkjet printer and self-developed JETALL® water-based energy pigment ink, launched a coated paper printing solution for printing pre-press proofing and short board printing.

Among them, JETALL® water-based pigment ink uses water as a solvent, the use of imported nano-scale raw materials, the use of resin encapsulation technology, so that the pigment evenly dispersed in aqueous solution, the formation of stable performance of water-based pigment ink, completely water-based environmental protection, harmless to the human body.

Before Hongsam launched the JETALL® water-based pigment ink, as water can not achieve the direct printing of coated paper, toxic harmful and a large number of VOC emission of weak solvent ink directly print coated paper for pre-press proofing or short printing were used, the launch of JETALL® water-based energy pigment ink, breaking the water-based ink can not print copper paper situation. Businesses that are forced to use weak solvent ink to print coated paper see the hope of turning to environmental protection.

What are the advantages of using JETALL® water-based  ink to print coated paper compared with traditional printing? First let's look at the process comparison between the two printing process:

Traditional Printing Process:

Photos on computer --  Film -- PS plate -- Printing Proofing Machine -- Sample Printing

Digital Printing Process:

Photos on computer -- Digital Printer -- Sample Printing

Through comparison, it can be clearly seen that when using water-based energy ink for pre-press proofing or short-plate printing, on the one hand, it saves the intermediate link, avoids the increase of equipment investment and labor costs, and at the same time, there is no discharge of waste water, waste gas and solid waste in the whole process, and even ink. Because of the use of on-demand inkjet printing equipment, it also realizes zero waste. On the other hand, the operation is simple and convenient, highlighting personalized service, and can be printed at any time. At the same time, because of the environmental protection of the ink, it provides a guarantee for human health.

Regarding the safety of this ink, HONGSAM commissioned the National Building Materials Testing Center to test the product in March 2011. The test results showed that the VOC test results of this product complied with the national environmental protection industry standard HJ/T371-2007 The limit indicators stipulated in the "Technical Requirements for Gravure Inks and Flexographic Inks for Environmental Labeling Products"; the test results of benzene + toluene + ethylbenzene + xylene, free formaldehyde, and soluble heavy metals comply with the national mandatory standard GB18582-2008 "Indoor Decoration and Renovation Materials" Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wall Paints.

After the Jetall® latex ink was launched on the market, it also attracted widespread attention in the market. As a representative program of the country's encouragement of scientific and technological innovation, the CCTV-10 "Innovation Unlimited" column broadcast a special report on Hongsam water-based pigment ink on June 14, 2011.

About the Activities of 2011 Green Printing in China

Green printing is an overview of printing solutions with two core attributes of "environmentally friendly" and "healthy". It mainly refers to printing methods and related industrial behaviors that do not damage the ecological environment, do not threaten human health, and save resource consumption. Green printing embodies the concept of sustainable development.

Under the call of the State Administration of Press and Publication to create a "green" printing and reproduction industry, the printing industry begun to march towards "green printing". In September 2010, the General Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Implementation of Green Printing" to vigorously promote the development of green printing in China. In 2011, green printing became the benchmark and mainstream of the future development of the printing industry. The development of green printing also became the main direction of the printing industry in our country and the world.

The series activities of “Green Printing in China” were guided by the Printing and Distribution Management Department of the State Administration of Press and Publication. The series activities were supported by China Printing Technology Association, China Institute of Printing Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Printing Environmental Protection Technology, Beijing Green Printing Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Beijing Green Printing and Packaging Industry Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Jinshan National Green Creative Printing Demonstration Park, etc.

The 2011 "Green Printing in China" series of activities aimed to promote green concepts in the printing industry, praise pioneers and models of green printing companies, and set a benchmark for green printing. The series of activities consisted of three parts: the 2011 "Green Award" selection, the 2011 Green Printing Development Forum, and the 2011 "Green Award" award ceremony. At the same time, the "Green Printing Guide" that guides the development of green printing in the industry will be published".

All participating units and individuals participated in the 2011 "Green Award" do not need to pay any fees. All awards will be judged by the Expert Review Committee, and the members of the Review Committee are all composed of well-known experts in printing and related industries. The activity will select five categories of awards: "Green Enterprise (Institution) Award", "Green Equipment Award", "Green Consumables Award", "Green Printing Award" and "Green Elite Award". At the same time, the "Green Printing Network Popularity Award" will be selected through special online voting. The event was launched in early 2011, entered into the awards process in July 2011, and held the awards ceremony in September 2011.

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