Hongsam Digital Participated in the Textile Industry "Professional, Proficient, Special and New" SEM Development Conference
Hongsam Digital participated in the conference and was awarded the medal and certificate of "Professional, Proficient, Special and New" Enterprise on the conference.
Hongsam Digital Was Invited to Participate in the Summary and Sharing Conference of 2023 ITMA European
Hongsam Digital Was Invited to Participate in the Summary and Sharing Conference of 2023 ITMA European-China Digital Printing High-Quality Development Conference, to discussed the current status of the digital printing industry, hot and difficult topics, and future industry development trends. Mr. Qin Guosheng made a wonderful sharing of textile digital pigment printing, including topics: the application fields of textile digital pigment printing, the pre-treatment and post-processing of textile digital pigment ink printing, the requirement and maintenance on nozzles and printers, the development history of textile digital pigment printing, the advantages and future development trends of textile digital pigment printing, etc.
Hongsam: Science and Technology is the First Productive Force
Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has insisted on increasing the investment in R&D, persisted in innovation, and eventually achieved very excellent results.
Hongsam HOTME® Disperse Ink Solves the Problem of Disperse Penetration
Most polyester swimwear fabrics adopt digital heat transfer printing, the dyes cannot fully enter into the fabrics, only the surface dyed, this is intolerable for brand apparel factories.
Good News | Hongsam Water-based Latex Ink Was Selected into Catalogs of the 16th Lot for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
On June 18, 2023, the "Mingkui·2023 National Printing and Dyeing Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Annual Conference" hosted by the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association was held in Quanzhou, Fujian. At the meeting, a total of 44 advanced technologies for energy saving and emission reduction in the printing and dyeing industry were recommended, among which Hongsam "JETALL water-based environmental protection latex ink" was selected.
How to Choose Inkjet Printing Inks for Polyester Fabrics
According to statistics, polyester fabrics accounts for 67% of all fiber processing volume in the entire textile industry. Polyester, whose chemical name is polyester fiber, has the advantage of good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and high strength. It is widely used in the textile industry because of its durability, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing properties. Disperse dye inks have good affinity for polyester fiber (polyester) and have good dyeing properties. As a result, the disperse dye ink market is huge. In order to meet the export standards of printing products, the quality requirements for disperse dye inks have increased but not decreased. At the same time, the demand has increased.
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