Hongsam HOTME® Disperse Ink Solves the Problem of Disperse Penetration
Oct 11,2023
The Problem of Disperse Penetration

Some customers from brand apparel factories say that European and American woman's swimsuits always have grinning effect when they are stretched out, this is because most polyester swimwear fabrics adopt digital heat transfer printing, the dyes cannot fully enter into the fabrics, only the surface dyed, this is intolerable for brand apparel factories.

In order to solve this problem, some ink manufacturers launched "no grinning effect special high penetration ink, and claimed that they could solve the problems of grinning effect, ladder and color difference on the front and back of the fabric, but they did not mention the heat transfer fastness or even deliberately avoid saying it.

Analyze the Principle Behind "High Penetration" Ink

Looking at the essence through phenomena, let us analyze the principle behind the so-called "high penetration" ink: ordinary disperse dye ink and disperse ink with poorer fastness are so-called "high penetration" ink. The dye with poorer fastness quickly enters into the fabric when heated, which solves the problem of penetration.

But this brings another problem: the heat transfer fastness levelis greatly reduced. This is not only a problem of low fastnesses, but the fabrics printed by this kind of disperse ink will cause serious color mixed during transportation, especially when sea shipping, the temperature and humidity are higher, in this extreme case, customers will receive waste fabrics, so export fabrics printed by this kind of ink should be with caution.

When one problem is solved, another problem occurs. If the new technology reduces the consumer's expectation of the effect, it is not a good technology. Then how to solve the penetration problem of polyester fabric without affecting the fastness?

Hongsam HOTME®   High Energy Disperse Ink is Coming!

Hongsam HOTME® high energy direct disperse ink solves the penetration problem of polyester fabric and improves the fastness, permeability and hand feeling.

The principle of Hongsam HOTME® high energy direct disperse ink: using high energy type disperse dyes, and these dyes will not basically sublimate, and even can not be used for paper heat transfer. It has high heat transfer fastness, which can effectively avoid the problem of fabric's staining during the color development and storage, as well as the ink secondary heattransfer during high energy processes such as subsequent high energystentering. Since the direct inkjet print process is used, the degree of penetration is controllable.

For pretreated fabrics, you can use belt system printer to print for non-pretreated fabrics, you can use Hongsam digital RCT technology to print with pretreatment ink and color ink.

Benefits of High Energy Disperse Ink

Cost: reduce costs, print---high energy color development--finished products. Generally, washing and finishing process are not required, it doesn’t increase the process, you can save a piece of heat transfer paper, your profits will be higher.

Effect: It is the effect you can get through traditional printing and dyeing. The color, fastness and penetration will not be compromised by the digital printing.

Principle: Using dyes with high heat transfer fastness and highlight fastness, so it has the essence of high fastness. However, these dyes will not sublimate, so they cannot be used for sublimation printing. Therefore, these fastness indicators are not available in all other sublimation inks.

Clear and no spreading: these dyes have high transfer fastness. During the process of color development, even during excessive colordevelopment, transference and spreading do not occur, so can still keep superior print output.

Transport risk: sea shipping takes 1-2 months, and the internal temperature of container is 70-80 degrees, which is enough for ordinary sublimation ink to sublimate and contaminate the goods next to ink, the bad result is that possibly the whole container will be returned. Using RCT disperse direct printing can help reduce this risk, and it may never happen because its heat transfer fastness is so high.

Light fastness: polyester stretch fabric is usually used in outdoor applications, and light fastness is an important indicator that brand factory consider. Some sublimation inks have anti-sunlight fastness of only 2-3 grades, but if with RCT direct disperse printing, the anti-sun light fastness is above 5 or better.

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