Know More About Hongsam Cationic Dye Ink
Jun 14,2022

Cationic dyes are named for their cationic state in aqueous solution. Cationic dyes are mainly used in dyeing and printing of acrylic fiber and modified polyester fiber. There are three kinds of carpet materials on the market: modified polyester, ordinary polyester and nylon.

Usually nylon is acidic, ordinary polyester and modified polyester are dispersed. Compared with ordinary polyester, modified polyester has better moisture absorption, is softer, and is easier to dye, so modified polyester is used more. However, modified polyester is not resistant to high temperature, and the hair color temperature generally cannot exceed 140℃. If disperse dyes are used, there will be insufficient hair color, floating color, and it must be washed to improve the fastness. There are two color fixing processes for disperse dye printing.

1. Baking method: 160°C or higher color development.

2. Tank steaming method: 120°C tank evaporation color.

The first one cannot be used due to the fabric decision, and the second one is because the domestic carpet machine is a whole production line, it is impossible to seal the tank steam, and it can only be continuously vapor evaporation, and the temperature of continuous vapor evaporation can only be about 102 °C. In this way, there will also be insufficient hair color, floating color, which must be washed to improve fastness. If the modified polyester is colored at low temperature, it can only be dispersed at low temperature, so that it is easy to produce color migration into the composite adhesive when storing and compounding, resulting in color on the back and defective products. However, cationic dye inks can be steamed at 102°C without floating color, so they can be washed without water, and there is no color migration when composite adhesive and storage. Because cationic dyes are more resistant to sunlight than disperse dyes, we have specially developed cationic dye inks for modified polyester and acrylic fabrics.

Cationic dye ink printing has the advantages of bright color, high permeability on the carpet, ultra-high sun fastness, low energy consumption of vapor evaporation color, energy saving and environmental protection.Through the part of color fixing agent treatment, the finished product can also be washed free, reduce sewage discharge, and reduce the sewage pressure of enterprises.

Introduction of Hongsam Cationic dye inks

Cationic dye ink advantages:

1. Bright colors and high saturation.

2. Good fluency and excellent continuous printability.

3. Water-based ink, safe and environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances.

4. High color fixation rate, excellent dry and wet friction fastness, reduce the pressure of sewage treatment.

5. High fastness to meet the needs of high fastness to meet the needs of high sunshine industry.

Applicable printheads: Epson printhead and Starfire printhead digital printing machine.

Application Areas:

Cationic dye inks are suitable for digital printing of acrylic and modified polyester fibers. It is used for digital printing of carpets, footwear materials, and fabrics based on the above fibers.

Carpet application process

Customers can decide whether they need to wash according to their own fastness requirements, and the specific process is subject to the actual test of customers.

Acrylic fabrics are best dyed and printed with cationic dye inks. In addition to dyeing acrylic fabrics, cationic dye inks can also dye modified polyester fabrics. Modified polyester is not resistant to high temperature, can not withstand the temperature required for disperse dye dyeing, disperse dyes on the modified polyester will not be sufficient color, more floating color, so the fastness of disperse dyes on modified polyester is poor. Cationic dye ink can be used to dye modified polyester fabrics well at 100°C, so cationic dye ink is a good choice for modified polyester printing.

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