5 Aspects to Help You to Understand the White Textile Pigment Ink
Oct 11,2023

1. White Textile Pigment Ink's Whiteness and Hiding Power In the application process of our direct printing.

In fact the different pre-treatment liquids have a relatively large impact for the whiteness. Whether its spraying is uniform or not, will directly affect the presentation of white textile pigment ink, whether it can completely cover the background color of our fabrics. In the current heat transfer printing textile pigment process, the whiteness of transfer printing is mainly determined by its concentration, the higher the whiteness, the stronger the hiding power.

2. The Stability of White Textile Pigment Ink

As we all know, for the color material of white textile pigment ink, the proportion of titanium dioxide is relatively large, and it is prone to precipitate. The stability of the dispersion system has a high technical content. The quality of white textile pigment ink on the market is also quite different. Some inks have been placed for a long time, and it will have a sediment at the bottom that cannot be shaken. We have also mentioned it in our video before, and the fifth-generation transfer printing textile pigment ink launched by Hongsam Digital can solve this problem very well. Well, these are the two main characteristics of the white textile pigment ink.

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