Dye Ink for Large Format Printer
Dye Ink for Large Format Printer

The High Lightfastness dye ink is the perfect choice for digital image printing.

Application :

The High Lightfastness dye ink is the perfect choice for digital image printing.

Features :

1.The High Lightfastness dye ink can extend the image lightfastness as much as 5-10 times compared with normal dye ink under the same conditions. 

2.Molecular level fully dissolved, environment friendly.

3.High quality materials without salt, rigorous physical and chemical properties testing analysis ensure ink great compatibility and printing ink dots smooth, clear, uniform, no faint and no bleeding. 

4.Friendly to print head. A 3 level closed environment filtering, making the maximum particle size only 1/60 of nozzle so that you can enjoy continuous and smooth printing without any lines or dots missing, no splash, no inclined printing. 

5.Pure and wide color gamut, High saturation

6.Weak alkaline PH value, no printhead corrosion, long-term printhead life.

7.High-definition printing images. This ink got suitable permeability and drying properties. High sharpness Image edge and uniform lines. 

Physical & Chemical Parameters: :

Electrical conductivity<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000<8000
Viscosity (mPa.s)1-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-5
Surface tension (mN/m)20-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-4520-45

Packaging :100ml, 200ml, 500g, 1kg packaging for option.

Warranty: 2 years under temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Use up all the ink within 2 months after opening to ensure optimum printing performance.