Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Paper
Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Paper

Suitable Paper: White card corrugated paper, yellow card corrugated paper, kraft paper, coated paper

Suitable Printheads: Epson, StarFire, Kyocera, Rioch

Introduction of Hongsam Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes can be divided into ordinary yellow boxes, ordinary white boxes, and coated cartons. Traditional printing commonly uses flexo printing, offset printing, and gravure printing, using environmentally friendly water-based inks. For inkjet printing on corrugated boxes, we adapt water-based pigment inks and water-based dye inks, corresponding to StarFire, Epson, Kyocera, and Konica print head inks.

Suitable Printheads

Epson, StarFire, Kyocera, Rioch

Hongsam Corrugated Paper Printing Ink Types and Colors

Ink TypesPigment Ink
Dye Ink
Epson PrinheadK C M YK C M Y R
Economical Ink for Epson PrinheadK/
Industrial PrinheadsK C M Y R
Waterproof Ink for Industrial Printheads
/K C M Y
For different corrugated ink, there are different pre-treatment liquid, post-treatment liquid and coating liquid, in order to achieve better color and better waterproof effect.

Characteristics of Hongsam Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Box

  1. Excellent fluency, meet the needs of high-speed printing.

  2. Unique technology, reduce ink infiltration, the formation of high density high saturation pattern.

  3. The image is smooth and delicate, has vivid color.

  4. The imaging effect is good, fast drying, cost saving, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

  5. Offer both water-based pigment ink and water-based dye ink.  


Printing Samples of Hongsam Corrugated Paper Printing Ink