Cationic Dye Ink
Cationic Dye Ink

Cationic Dye Ink

As a professional manufacturer for digital textile inks, Hongsam always keep developing innovative products to meet the demand of society, as well as to facilitate the digital producing transformation on textile & digital printing area. Meanwhile, we dedicated to the energy conservation and emission reduction, aiming to make the digital printing a real energy conservation and environmental protection.


The cationic dye ink was named, because of taking on the state of cation when in aqueous solution, which mainly applicable for dying and printing onto acrylic fiber and modified-poly fabric.


The cationic dye ink, with the outstanding features of vivid color, excellent permeability, high light fastness, which can even make some products washing-less after color fixation processing, reducing the stress of pollution discharge of manufacturers


Tech processing on carpet:  carpet pre-wet---printing---steaming&chromogenic (102-10515-20minwith spaying the solid-color solution) ---washing---drying&finished.


It is alternative for customer to decide if washing according to the fastness demand of each. The specific processing shall be followed according to customer’s test.


Basic information


  ColorK C M Y Lc Lm Gy

  Package5Kg  20Kg  200Kg

  ExpirationSealed and keep away from sunlight for 6 months

  Advised to be finished within 15 days once opening

  Printhead applicableEpson and StarFire digital textile printers.


Application: carpet, shoes and other materials associated with acrylic fiber or modified-poly fabric.



1.    more vivid color, higher saturability

2.    Excellent fluency, outstandingly continuous printing

3.    Water based ink, safety and environmental, NON-VOC

4.    Higher fixation rate, remarkable wet/dry rubbing fastness, less stress on pollution discharge

5.    High light fastness, can satisfy the specific industrial demand



Cationic fixative AA-031:50100 dilution, Cationic cleaning solution, ink cleaner



1.    Usage environment: temperature indoor:  20-25, humidity: 40-70%RH, and  keep away from dust

2. Not for drinking, and pls keep out of reach of the children

3. Printer shall be rinsed by pure water or cationic cleaning solution only

4. Mixing with other inks is forbidden

5.    Sealed and keep away from sunlight for 6 months. And advised to be finished within 15 days once opening


Scratching printhead is seriously prohibited when printe