Disperse Dye Ink
Disperse Dye Ink

Hongsam disperse ink type: high light fastness sublimation ink, low temperature direct printing disperse ink, high light fastness direct printing disperse ink, high temperature ink.

Application: curtain, carpet, sportswear, tent, flag fabrics, apparel fabrics, swimwear, etc.

Packaging:100ml, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg package optional. 

Introduction of Hongsam Disperse Dye Ink

Hongsam disperse dye ink is divided into two types: sublimation ink and high temperature direct printing disperse ink (HOTME® disperse ink and high-level disperse ink). Hongsam has different disperse dye inks, which are suitable for polyester fabrics with different usages: curtain, carpet, sportswear, bags, tent, flag fabrics, apparel fabrics, swimwear, etc.

The light fastness of ordinary sublimation ink has always been a trouble for high-end and outdoor apparel fabrics. Hongsam high-level sublimation ink solves the problems of poor sublimation fastness and heat migration fastness, and at the same time meets the customer's demand for high light fastness. The high temperature direct printing solution adopts the direct printing method, the ink is directly printed on the fabric, the ink can penetrate into the fabric well, the fabric is darker, and there is no phenomenon of turning over and leaking white. Hongsam disperse ink have good sublimation fastness, and the finished product will not undergo secondary sublimation when stored for a long time.


Characteristics of Hongsam Disperse Ink


Printing Process for Hongsam Disperse Ink Directing Printing Solution


Printing Samples for Hongsam Disperse Ink