High Energy Disperse Dye Ink
High Energy Disperse Dye Ink

  High Energy Disperse Ink

ü  Packing Specification

500g,1kg bottle, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg bucket, 1kg, 2kg bag

Different packaging specifications to meet different customer needs

ü  Product brief introduction

Polyester fibers account for 67% of the total fiber processing in the entire textile industry, Polyester fabrics are also favored by printing factories for their advantages of good strength, smoothness. The use of heat transfer printing is simple, colorful and low operating cost, which is welcomed by many customers, But problems such as bad permeability, the fabric is prone to cracks, white color will be seen when unfold the yarn, not resistant to ironing, bad light fastness, color migration and color difference in ocean transportation cannot meet the needs of high-end customers. HOTME high temperature dispersion ink has the characteristics of high resistance to migration and high light fastness, which can effectively solve the problems of heat transfer ink.It is suitable for high-end clothing,bras that require secondary high temperature setting, shoes, etc.

ü  Applicable print head and color configuration


Print Head












Fuji starfire 1024

Ricoh Gen5/Gen6

Seiko 508/1024

KM 512/1024i


Ø  Product     Features

1. High light fastness. Meet the needs of customers for high light fastness;

2. High ironing fastness. Solve the problem of secondary sublimation contamination;

3. High resistance migration fastness. Avoid the migration and contamination of digital printing products in high temperature and high humidity environment during transportation and storage;

4. High sublimation fastness. It can solve the problem of color migration of products that require secondary high temperature during high temperature setting.

5. Good penetration. It can solve the phenomenon of white color when unfold the yarn, stretching, sewing, etc.;

6. Wide color gamut, bright colors and high saturation;

7. Good fluency. Excellent fluency and start-up, protect the print head;

8. Wide compatibility, suitable for digital printers with different print heads and different boards;

Note: RCT high temperature dispersion direct printing and no washing solution can be provided.

Ø  Product qualification

1. The product holds the national invention patent and has independent intellectual property rights;

2. Passed the ECO PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) authoritative certification of the OEKO-TEX institution of the Hohenstein Institute in Germany;

3. In 2013, it was successfully selected into the " 7th Batch of Advanced Technology Recommendations for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction by China Dyeing and Printing Association";

4. The drafting unit of the national industry standard for disperse dye ink.


Ø  Using way and process


1. After unpacking, directly add it to the ink cartridges of the machine to use (please shake well before unpacking), no need to dilute or mix colors;

2. When installing the machine or replacing the ink, please clean it with pure water first, then use the accordingly cleaning solution to clean the machine pipeline, and then clean   

the pipeline with pure water again (mineral water cannot be used instead of pure water) before inserting the ink;

3. Process flow:

(fabric pretreatment)→digital printing→pre-drying→color development→(washing)→finished product.

Note: 1. Whether the pretreatment or cleaning is required or not, do according to actual requirements;

2. The color development temperature and time should be determined according to the actual fabric.


Ø  Relative Auxiliary Products

Dispersed direct printing primer DP-03, Dr. Cleaner, printhead protection liquid, ink guide liquid.


Ø  Notes

1. Using environment: indoor temperature 20-25℃, humidity 40-80%RH, no dust;

2. This product is strictly prohibited to drink, please place this product in a place that is not easily accessible to children;

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other kinds of ink;

4. The shelf life is one year in the closed and cool environment. It is recommended to use it within one month after opening.