Acid Ink for Silk Nylon Wool Fabrics
Acid Ink for Silk Nylon Wool Fabrics

Suitable textile: silk, wool, albumen fiber and polyamide

Packaging:100ml, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg package optional

Suitable printheads: Epson, Starfire, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera

Ink color: C/M/Y/K/HC/HM/LC/LM/Gy/R/B/OR/FY/FM

Introduction of Hongsam Acid Ink

Hongsam SILKMATE® acid dye ink is made by the most suitable acid dyes, which are selected from more than 30 kinds of acid dyes, through strict process. Hongsam acid ink solves the problem of inkjet inks on silk, wool and nylon, etc. It has excellent color fastness, high washing fastness, strong ink stability, can be applied to various digital printing machines with piezoelectric printheads, protect the nozzles, has long-term storage.  Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, the Process of inkjet printing by using hongsam acid ink is simplified, energy saving (save dyes) and environmental protection (reduce waste water).

Application of Hongsam SILKMATE® Acid Ink

Hongsam SILKMATE® acid dye ink is suitable for digital printing on silk, wool, and nylon. It is used for digital printing of carpets, swimwear, decorative fabrics and fabrics based on the above fabrics. 

Advantages of Hongsam Acid Ink

  1. Complete chromatogram, bright color and high saturation.

  2. High fixing rate, less washing and floating color, reducing the pressure of sewage treatment.

  3. Provide high light fastness ink to meet the level 6 light fastness standard in 160 hours light.

  4. Provide fluorescent ink such as fluorescent red and fluorescent yellow. 

  5. unique ink formula, solve the problem of low cyan fixing rate and poor washing fastness. 


Certificates of Hongsam Acid Ink


  1. Hongsam holds the national invention patent and has independent intellectual property rights of the acid ink.

  2. Passed the ECO PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) authoritative certification of the OEKO-TEX institution.

  3. In 2018, hongsam SILKMATE® dye ink was successfully selected into the "12th Batch of Advanced Technology Recommendations for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction by China Dyeing and Printing Association".

  4. Hongsam is the drafting unit of the national industry standard for acid ink.

Fastness of Hongsam Acid Ink for Nylon (SGS Testing) 

Light Fastness (Nylon)5 and above
Dry Rubbing Fastness (Nylon)4 and above
Wet Rubbing Fastness (Nylon)3-4 (up to 5)
Washing Fastness (Nylon)4 (up to 5)

Suitable Printhead Model


Printing Samples of Hongsam Acid Dye Ink

Hongsam acid ink.png



For your practical application, Hongsam also provides pretreatment liquid along with the acid dye ink, for pre-treatment on silk, wool and nylon fabrics before printing. The treated fabrics will get vivid color.


Packaging:100ml, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg package optional. 

Warranty: 2 years in temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Use up all the ink within 2 months after opening to ensure optimum printing performance.