60cm DTF Printer and Shaker All-in-one
60cm DTF Printer and Shaker All-in-one

Printing Model: HJ-604

Printhead: Epson I3200-A1 * 4

Ink Type: K C M Y + KCMY + White + White

                K C M Y + Spot Color +White + White

Suitable Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, Jeans ......

Processing Process of Hong-jet® 60cm DTF Printer and Shaker All in One


Product Features

  1. Using digital heat transfer process, no need for plate making, no engraving, no hollowing out, the process is convenient and fast, and you can get it right away.

  2. Adapting to a wide range of fabrics, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, canvas bags, sports bags, leather, etc., personalized customization, single-piece printing.

  3. Using environmentally friendly water-based nano pigment ink to ensure product safety and stability, and the entire production process is pollution-free.        

  4. The whole machine integrates the three functions of printing, powder shaker and drying, and has a compact structure and saves floor space.        

  5. Automatic powder feeding circulation system, repeated recycling, reducing loss and eliminating the trouble of frequent powder feeding.        

  6. Intelligent temperature control hot air circulation system, effective use of heat circulation, reduce power consumption, and save electricity.        

  7. Unique drying and feeding system, unique roller vacuum adsorption design, no mesh belt transmission, to ensure the smoothness of the film.

  8. Equipped with a patented smoke exhaust system as standard, which can effectively remove internal moisture and ensure drying efficiency.

Specifications of Hong-jet®  DTF Printer and Dryer All-in-one

Model: HJ-604
PrintheadEpson I3200-A1Computer Configuration
i7 processor, 8GB memory, 4GB independent display, 500GB hard disk
Printhead Number4pcsOperating SystemsWin7  64bit, Win10  64bit
Ink TypeDTF InksRIPRIIN, MainTop, PhotoPrint
Color Configuration

K C M Y + KCMY + White + White

K C M Y + Spot Color +White + White

Print Width60mmPowerAC 220V   50/60Hz   16A
Printing MediaPET FilmPrinting Power1.2KW
Ink Supply2L large ink pot constant Pressure ink supply + low liquid level alarmDrying Power2.5KW
White Ink SystemComputer-controlled automatic circulation + automatic stirring functionTemperature18 - 26℃
Way of Adding PowderAutomatic powdering circulation system + manual powderingHumidity35 - 60%
Media Transmission
Vacuum roller suction drive + dual power widing systemMachine Size2800mm × 1820mm × 1700mm
Drying MethodIntellent temperature control hot air circulation dryingMachine NW
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature  - 150 ℃Package Size2380mm × 1880mm ×1520mm
Dryer Size
920mm × 740mmMachine GW480kg

Application of Hong-jet® 60cm DTF Printer and Shaker All in One