60cm DTF Film Printer
60cm DTF Film Printer

Product Name: Hongjet 60cm DTF Printer

Usage: different kind of fabrics: t-shirts, hoodies, bags, shoes, hats......

We could offer DTF printer, DTF inks, film, powder......

Introduction of 60cm DTF Printer

Hongjet 60cm DTF printer adopts green and environmental friendly production process, no sewage, no irritating smell, and no noise. The printer publish very fast, computer output pictures and then printing without the traditional film drying screen printing process. It saves labor and time, one person operates multiple machines. The printer can  print one piece at least, suitable for personalized clothing customization, sample and small batch production. The color is bright and has high saturation.  The printer is suitable for all kinds of clothing fabrics, pure cotton, blended fabric, denim, canvas, shoe uppers, and leather, etc.


Aplication of 60cm DTF Printer


Hongjet 60cm DTF film printer is suitable for all kinds of clothing fabrics, pure cotton, blended fabric, denim, canvas, shoe uppers, and leather, etc.

Characteristics of 60cm DTF Printer


Advantages of Hongjet DTF Printer

  • Easy to print and operate. No need for engraving.

  • Good fastness for dry/wet rubbing, washing resistance and light fastness.

  • Stretching resistance, folding pressure resistance, scratch resistance.

  • High color saturation and sharp printed images.

  • Can be printed on a variety of fabrics: polyester, cotton, jeans, canvas...

  • Environmental friendly, no pollution, no emissions, no solvent.

  • Fast printing and delivery, not limited by quantity and pattern. Less investment, and short payback period.           


Printing Process of 60cm DTF Printer


Parameter of 60cm DTF Direct to Film Printer

Printhead ModelEpson I3200
Media ConveyAutomatic retractable film system
Printing Precision1400dpi / 1080dpi / 720dpi / 360dpi
Heating SystemThree-stage heating device
Printing Speed
High speed mode  15m2/hInterfaceUSB 3.0
Quality mode 10m2/hInk TypeEco-friendly pigment ink
Printing Width600 mm
Ink SystemAutomatic ink supply, white ink automatic circulating system
Color ModeC M Y K + W Powder220V/50-60Hz
Print MediaPET transfer filmWorking EnvironmentTemperature 20-28℃   Humidity 50-70PH
Printing processPrinting-powder shaking and drying- hot pressPrinting time150℃ /10S

What We Could Offer


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Printing Samples of 60cm DTF printer