A3 Size DTF Film Printer with XP600 Heads
A3 Size DTF Film Printer with XP600 Heads

Printer type: A3 (30cm) DTF Film Transfer Printer

Ink type: DTF ink (C M Y K W) 

Suitable fabrics: polyester, cotton, canvas, jeans...

Printing Speed: highest 4.5m2/h

Introduction of Hongjet A3 DTF Printer

Hongjet A3 DTF printer with double xp600 heads adopts green and environmental friendly production process, no platemaking, no engraving, and no waste. The A3 (30cm) DTF printer adopts full automatic system, including white auto-agitation, white circulation, one-button rinse, and auto-blowing, the color is bright and has high saturation. The printer is suitable for all kinds of clothing fabrics, pure cotton, blended fabric, denim, canvas, shoe uppers, and leather, etc.

Characteristics of Hongjet 30cm DTF Printer


Technical Parameter of Hongjet A3 DTF Film Printer

Print Head ModelEpson XP600 * 2Media ConveyAutomatic Feeding and take-up system
Printing Speed4.5m2/h     3.5m2/hInk TypeEco-friendly pigment ink
Printing Width300mm  /  12inchWorking Voltage110V/220V  50-60HZ  4KW
Color ModeCMYK + W (LC/LM OR fluorescent as option)Ink SysteamAutomatic ink supply, white ink automatic circulating system
Print MediaPET Transfer FilmPrinter SizeL100cm*W64cm*H64cm

Printing Process of Hongjet A3 DTF Printer


Printing Samples of Hongjet A3 DTF Heat Tranfer Printer