New Solution for PET Transfer Film without Powder
New Solution for PET Transfer Film without Powder
2021 new solution for PET transfer film without powder: Design-Print-Transfer

PET transfer film pigment ink without powder one time ready: Color ink-White ink-OP ink

Technical Advantages :

Save labor, unlimited fabrics, simple operation, one piece starts printing.

Personalized customization, small footprint, one person operate several machines.

No plate making, no hollowing, no waste discharge, no engraving, no powder.

No powder technology, soft hand feeling, bright color.

Techinical Parameters 
Printhead3pcs * Epson i3200
Printing precision1440dpi/1080dpi720dpi/360dpi
Printing speedHigh-speed mode: 15㎡/hour Quality mode: 10㎡/hour
Printing width600mm
Color modeCMYKW OP
Printing mediaPET transfer film
Media transmissionAutomatic flm retractable system
Heating deviceFront trolley, rear three-stage heating
Ink typeTextile pigment ink
Ink systemAutomatic ink supply, white ink automatic circulation system
Power220V 50-60Hz
Working environmentTemperature: 20-28℃ Humidity: 50-70%
Printer weight125KG
Process flowPrinting-drying-pressing-finished product
Pressing time160°C/20s
Machine sizePrinter: 1600*860*1500mm,Dryer: 2000*1100*1350mm

Resource Advantages :

Professional ink R&D and production, professional equipment manufacturing factory.

Comprehensive application technical support, multi-channel promotion.

Multi-industry application- clothing, leather and other industries.

Efforts to develop regional industry agents, joint development, professional support.

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360-days product warranty, lifelong maintenance, guaranteed after-sales.