How does Hongsam sublimation ink work?
Hongsam Sublimation inks are dye colorants that, once printed and activated by heat, easily become a gas and have the property to bond with polyester or acrylic surfaces. Sublimated images are extremely durable against wash and scratch resistant since they become part of the substrate they have been sublimated to. In other words the image is protected within the surface.
How to deal with color transfer when shipping fabrics?

After in-depth understanding, it is discovered that the sublimation printing process was used when printing the fabrics, and thermal transfer printing used low energy disperse dye ink. The key to the problem is here. The color migration fastness and weather resistance of sublimation inks are relatively poor, especially in shipping containers where the environment is closed, with high air temperature and humidity, and the fabric is exposed to this environment for a long time, color migration and staining will inevitably occur.

So how to avoid this risk? In fact, the problem still needs to be solved by using disperse dye ink in printing processing. That is to say, high energy disperse direct printing process is used for printing processing.

Hongsam high energy disperse ink has high fastness to color migration, strong weather resistance, stable color, and high fastness to dry and wet friction. It avoids smudging and color matching during post-printing, storage and transportation. , contamination and other issues. Compared with the heat transfer printing process, it also has a good penetration effect, and the sewing process does not reveal white. Its color development process can maintain the original style and feel of the fabric, increase the added value of the product, and is more suitable for high-demand orders, safe and guaranteed delivery of documents.

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