How to Choose Inkjet Printing Inks for Polyester Fabrics
May 12,2023

Polyester Fabric Printing Market Overview

According to statistics, polyester accounts for 67% of all fiber processing volume in the entire textile industry. Polyester, whose chemical name is polyester fiber, has the advantage of good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and high strength. It is widely used in the textile industry because of its durability, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing properties. Disperse dyes have good affinity for polyester fiber (polyester) and have good dyeing properties. As a result, the disperse dye market is huge. In order to meet the export standards of printing products, the quality requirements for disperse dyes have increased but not decreased. At the same time, the demand has increased.

Polyester Fabric Digital Printing Process

Inks produced with disperse dyes as raw materials can be roughly divided into two categories, sublimation ink and high energy disperse ink.

Sublimation transfer printing refers to printing patterns on transfer paper, and then placing the printed transfer paper in close contact with the fabric. Under the condition of controlling a certain temperature, pressure and time, the dye sublimates from the printing paper and transfers to the fabric. It enters the interior of the fabric through diffusion to achieve the purpose of coloring.

The High Energy Disperse process is to print high energy disperse ink directly onto the fabric. After drying, it is baked at high temperature to develop color. Finally, it is restored and cleaned to achieve more beautiful colors and better fastness.

Digital sublimation printing has a simple printing process, bright colors, and low production costs, and has been welcomed by many customers. However, with the passage of time, the development of the industry, and the increase in printing speed, ordinary sublimation printing can no longer meet some high-demand applications. , but also reflects some of its inherent disadvantages. For example, poor permeability, whitening when turned over, whitening of elastic fabrics after stretching, serious color migration and staining during folding and storage, fading and discoloration during high-temperature ironing, etc. Some demanding customers started looking for better solutions.

Targeting Pain Points in Subdivided Areas

In response to the above problems, Hongsam Digital launched the "HOTME®" series of dispersion inks. In addition to high-speed machine sublimation inks, it also developed color-migration-resistant sublimation inks, high-sunlight sublimation inks, etc. Based on customer needs and pain points, we segment product areas and develop targeted products. Through changes in ink and production methods, we can maximize the improvement of the above shortcomings and enhance the added value of our products.

HOTME® Sublimation ink for High-speed printer

With the continuous innovation of sublimation digital technology, 15-printhead, 16-printhead, and 30-printhead EPSON printhead high-speed paper printers are becoming more and more popular in the market. High-efficiency output operations mean reduced costs and increased profits. Compared with recent market comparisons, the popular i3200 high-speed printer with 15 printhead has a printing speed of about 500 square meters/h in 1pass mode. High printing speed will cause problems such as color differences, smoothness, and quick drying. In order to meet the higher demand of the market, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital launched a more suitable product - HOTME® high-speed sublimation ink.

Available colors: K/C/M/Y/LC/LM

Applicable printhead: EPSON I3200 printhead 8-printhead, 12-printhead, 15-printhead, 30-printhead and other multi-head high-speed paper machines and EPSON S3200 printhead paper machines.


1. High color concentration, meeting customers’ requirements for color and quick drying.

2. Suitable for printing on low-gram thin paper, with fast drying speed, wrinkle-free printing process, smooth winding, and smoother paper that is less likely to deform.

3. In terms of fluency, it can print continuously for 500 meters without ink. After various tests and user feedback from practical applications, it is found that continuous printing of the entire roll does not require cleaning.

4. Low ink consumption, saving costs.

5. High color gamut, high color density, high transfer rate, and less ink residue on the transfer paper.

"HOTME®" High Light Fastness Sublimation Ink

We know that products with unique performance characteristics are often the key to helping customers win orders. Hongsam Digital's "HOTME®" high light fastness sublimation ink is a product with special performance advantages. A customer of Hongsam dealer needs to purchase millions of meters of outdoor textile orders all year round and requires high light fastness. He tried many solutions in domestic printing factories. After repeated proofing, he was not satisfied with the light fastness. Later, he used "HOTME®" high light fastness sublimation ink fully qualified in the light fastness test, helping textile dealers successfully win orders.

Available colors: K/C/M/Y/B/TB

Applicable printhead: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM and other printhead.


1. The sun fastness is 1-2 levels higher than that of ordinary ink. It is used in industries with high sunlight demand such as brand sportswear, outdoor sportswear, swimwear, umbrellas, tents, high-end advertising exhibitions, shoe materials, sun protection clothing and other industries made of polyester. Digital direct printing.

2. Wide color gamut, bright colors and high saturation.

3. Excellent fluency and start-up, protecting the printhead.

4. Wide compatibility, suitable for digital printers with different printhead and different boards.

HOTME® High Migration Fastness Sublimation Ink

When ordinary sublimation products encounter hot and humid conditions during storage and transportation, the dye molecules inside the printed fabric fibers will migrate, resulting in color matching and defective products. Especially for some high-end fabrics or foreign trade orders, the cost is high. Once such defects occur, it will inevitably cause considerable losses. In order to solve the confusion of customers in this regard, Hongsam Digital launched HOTME® high migration fastness sublimation ink.

Available colors: K/C/M/Y

Applicable printhead: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM and other printhead.


1. The color migration fastness is high, one level higher than that of ordinary inks. It is suitable for transfer digital printing of high-end clothing fabrics and clothing customers who have specific needs for color migration fastness.

2. Using new particle dispersion technology, the ink performance is more stable.

3. Bright colors and high degree of restoration.

3. Bright colors and high degree of restoration.

HOTME® High Energy Disperse Ink

Faced with the large number of applications of polyester fabrics, especially the upgrading requirements for product quality in mid- to high-end clothing and home textile fabrics, high energy disperse ink emerged at the historic moment. High energy disperse ink has the characteristics of not using sublimation paper and non-sublimation. It is specially designed for high fastness and high migration resistance, solving the problem of easy color migration of sublimation ink; To standard the fastness standards of traditional disperse dye printing, especially for clothing fabrics with high color fastness requirements and shoes, bras and other industries requiring secondary high temperature molding, Hongsam Digital launched HOTME® high energy disperse ink.

Available colors:K/C/M/Y/VM/LVM/LC/GY/R/OR/B/FM/FY/FOR

Applicable printhead: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM and other printhead.


1. High sublimation resistance, migration resistance, light fastness, stable color development, and overcome the problems of low-temperature ink smearing and color matching contamination.

2. The colors are bright and delicate, with a wide color gamut, ultra-high blackness, bright red, navy blue, sapphire blue and other spot colors and light colors to choose from, and the color series is complete.

3. Unique formula design, low smoke during drying and color development, reducing waste steam emissions, improving environmental protection, and improving factory working conditions.

4. Compared with conventional dispersed direct injection, the intensity of water washing is greatly reduced, the life of the guide tape is long, and the maintenance pressure is reduced.

5. The ink itself has good directional permeability, which can not only penetrate into the fiber well, but also ensure the required accuracy of the pattern

6. Excellent fluency and stability, protecting the printhead, suitable for industrial production of high-speed scanners and Onepass printing.

The Above is the Application demonstration of Hongsam Digital High Energy Disperse Ink on Single Pass

These four dispersion inks with different properties can meet the different requirements of customers for industrial applications. For general requirements, sublimation inks can be used; for those with higher requirements for color migration fastness, color migration resistant dispersion inks can be used; for those with higher requirements for light fastness, high light fastness dispersion inks can be used. For higher quality and color fastness requirements, you can choose high-temperature dispersion ink. The overall color fastness is the same as that of traditional printing products, with the highest resistance to color migration and high sunlight fastness, which can meet the needs of clothing fabrics, home textiles, and wall products. The highest requirements of cloth and other industries.

Environmental Protection and Standards Help Brands Take Off

In recent years, governments and consumers of various countries have become increasingly aware of ecological environmental protection, and are paying more and more attention to the safety of textiles from an ecological perspective, requiring textiles and clothing to meet "ecological, health and safety" standards. At the same time, textiles Dealers are also deeply aware of the urgency and necessity of explaining and ensuring the ecological safety of textiles to consumers. Hongsam Digital's "HOTME®" dispersion series products have passed the ECO PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) authoritative certification of the German Hohenstein Institute OEKO-TEX (International Environmental Protection Textile Association), and were selected into the "Seventh Batch of Energy Saving Products of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association" in 2013 Catalog of Advanced Emission Reduction Technologies", and is also the drafting unit of national industry standards for disperse dye inks.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer, Hongsam Digital is committed to the research, development, application and promotion of digital inkjet technology in line with the national environmental protection strategic direction, and provides customers with overall digital inkjet printing solutions and services. At present, most traditional dyeing and printing factories in the country are introducing digital printing production lines. From the initial debugging process of one or two small machines and initial profits, to the current large-scale expansion of production, the addition of multiple industrial printhead production lines, and several onepass machines Successfully put into production, this vigorous and rapid development momentum will definitely bring about earth-shaking changes in the decentralized digital printing of the textile industry. Under the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of digital printing will surely move forward.

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