Latex Printers
Hongjet Latex Printer 3.2m

    Printer Type: Water Based Latex Ink Printer

    Ink Colors: C M Y K W OP

    ▪ Printing Materials: Wall paper, Wall covering, PU Leather, Grainy Paper, Kraft Paper, etc.

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Hongjet latex ink printer can be used for different printing media: dark/light-color PU leather, PVC film, PET, PP, art paper, kraft paper, non-woven fabric, Tyvek® Paper (Tyvek® is a trademark of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.), etc.

Product Advantages

  • Printed with water-based ink, the finished product does not have any VOC, is green and environmentally friendly and meets high-demand application environments such as children's rooms.
  • Suitable for a variety of materials, non-woven fabrics, velvent, paper, PVC, leather, wall covering materials can be printed.

  • High dry/wet rubbing fastness, good daily care and maintenance, no staining or fading and fade.

  • The print width of 3.3 meters meets the market demand for seamless murals, tooling and large-format decorative paintings.
Printing Technology
Printing Show

Technical Parameters
Printing Specifications
Computer Configuration
EPSON I32100-A1 Compputer CPU: i5 internal storage > 8GB
Printhead No.
8 System Win7 / Win 10
Output Precision
720*1200dpi      720*1800dpi Interface USB
Printing Speed PASS Production Capacity Software MainTop, PhotoPrint
720*1800dpi 2 77m2/h Power Source AC-220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
720*1800dpi 4 38m2/h Power 6KW
720*1800dpi6 6 25m2/h Packaging Specifications
Ink Configration Machine Dimension 5530 * 1600 * 1580mm (L * W * H)
Ink Type Water-based eco-friendly latex ink Net Weight 2000kg
Color KCMY (LC/LM/R/B/OR/FM/FY for optional) + W + OP Package Dimension 5650 * 1650 * 1610mm (L * W * H)
Ink Supply Big capacity ink supplying system + ink shortage alarm + white ink circulation Gross Weight 2200kg
Product Development Background
Hongsam JETALL water-based latex ink is environmentally friendly. There is no odor either during the printing process or in the finished product. It effectively improves the environmental quality of the product and caters to market needs. It improves the production environment and reduces labor risks. There are no flammable consumables, which reduces production fire risks. It has the advantages of adapting to the diversity of printing media and image durability, and is especially suitable for industries with extremely high environmental requirements such as decoration, wallpapers and murals. It is a functional ink that represents the future direction of inkjet printing.
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