Hongsam RCT Technology

Introduction of RCT Technology 

Hongsam RCT technology is called "Rapid Colour Technology", which is an important technology used in inkjet printing with independent intellectual property rights. Direct inkjet printing of fabrics through RCT printers, RCT technology was first used in the textile pigment printing, then the dispersed direct inkjet printing technology for polyester fabrics was successfully developed. The newly developed latex printing solution and no powder dtf printing solution apply this RCT technology. RCT technology improves the color, fastness, penetration, and hand feeling. 


Advantages of RCT Technology 

RCT® (HONGSAM Rapid Color Technology) technology is the accumulation of inkjet technology by HONGSAM R&D team for 10 years. According to the difficulties and pain points in the inkjet printing process of various industries in the society, it uses functional inkjet ink technology and printing methods to solve the printing field The following problems: 

  1. Inkjet printing any medium requires coating technology to ensure the printing effect and performance. RCT technology uses functional inkjet ink to realize online digital coating, realize the positioning of different media, and the functional coating with controllable ink volume, so that printing and coating can be completed at one time. It solves the ideal of "one-time printing success" in different fields such as glass, metal, plastic, paper, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric, and PU. It reduces the cost and heat consumption caused by other coating methods, such as unevenness, full-width coating, and drying processes.

  2. Regarding the final effect of the printed works, RCT technology can also complete the post-finishing inkjet processing for the printed works, so that functions such as firmness, brightness, color, and feel can be better upgraded and corrected.

  3. RCT technology can design a unique set of ink systems according to the customer's printing process and media to meet the functional printing needs of the printing solution provider. This is a technology full of technical interfaces. It is necessary to jointly develop printing processes, printer manufacturing, nozzle selection, color management, drying and color fixation, and application process development with equipment manufacturers.

Principle of RCT Technology 

Firstly, RCT technology achieves to improve inkjet printing effect through digitally controllable chemical reactions. RCT uses inkjet technology to digitally control the ejection of reactants, then allow the chemical reaction to proceed on the printed substrates. Because of the combination with inkjet technology, we can make inks containing different reactants, so that through digital inkjet we can control the position of the reactants, the concentration of the reactants, and the order in which the different reactants are "added", etc. Then under appropriate reaction conditions, these inks containing reactants will chemically react on the printing substrates, and quickly achieve bright and firm colors on the printing substrates, which also the characteristic of RCT. 

Technology configuration of RCT 

Firstly, you need a printer with RCT printing function . With the assistance of the Hongsam RCT technical team, many equipment manufacturers keenly discovered the huge business opportunities brought by this technology and developed printers based on RCT technology. This type of printer is not limited to printheads, mainstream printheads such as EPSON, Ricoh, Kyocera, StarFire, etc. are very suitable, but the equipment design and configuration need to meet the requirements of the program. Secondly, you need to complete the ink configuration of your printing solution. Below our recommended printing solution. 

  • Polyester: Using Hongsam HOTME® high energy disperse ink and pretreatment ink to complete the direct printing function of polyester fabrics, and it can solve the problem of penetration, migration, and light fastness of the disperse ink. 

  • Cotton: Use Hongsam JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment ink to enhance color and fastness.

    1. Color inks by RCT : Blank ink + color inks printing at same time.

    2. White and color inks by RCT: Blank ink + white ink + color inks. 

  • Leather: Using Hongsam JETALL® water-based environment-friendly latex ink and Hongsam latex printer, it perfectly presents digital direct printing on artificial leather such as PU leather, PVC leather, microfiber leather, etc. It is environment-friendly, non-toxic, bright in color and suitable for many mediums printing.