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Natural Touch DTF (Direct to Film) Ink

    ▪ No pollution: no powder shaking

    ▪ Shorter process

    ▪ Good breathability

    ▪ Soft hand feeling

    Wide application

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Color:C, M, Y, K, W, CO

Suitable printheads:Epson I3200,DX5,XP600,TX800......

Application:leather, fabrics, metals, wood boards, etc.

Printing solution configuration: Hongjet no powder DTF printer and dryer

Auxiliaries:PET film, ink guide liquid, cleaner, printhead protection liquid.

Product Advantages

▪ No pollution: no powder shaking, no fine powder particle pollution, no noise pollution. 

▪ Short process: the heat transfer film only needs to be dried, the operation process is simpler, no powder shaker is required, and the area is small. 

▪ Breathability: All printed with water-based ink, the pattern is thin and tough, and has a certain degree of breathability. 

▪ Soft hand feeling: the printed fabric pattern feels soft and comfortable, without affecting the original feel of the fabric. 

▪ Ultra-fine: It can reveal the texture of the fabric itself. The pattern transferred by the fine pattern transfer is clear and colorful, and small lines such as washed marks can also be washed and expressed. 

▪ Multi-mode: Freely switch between dark and light fabric printing modes. White fabric can be printed directly with colored ink. The white ink printing mode for dark fabrics is bright and colorful. 

▪ Color fastness: Water-based no powder DTF ink has good stretchability, high color fastness, resistance to washing and friction, and is green and environmentally friendly.

▪ Wide application: can be used for textile fabrics, leather rolls, metals, wood boards, glass, and ceramics, etc.

Printing Samples

Product Development Background

“PET film transfer printing solution with powder” gives a solution for cotton and other printing media. Due to the inevitable problems in the process of shaking powder film transfer printing, such as the requirements of fine pattern transfer, hand feeling and air permeability, there may be problems as low yield of finished products and difficult maintenance of equipment and process. In view of the inevitable defects in the film transfer printing and based on 20 years of experience in the development of pigment inks, hongsam digital released revolutionary PET film transfer printing solution without powder for cotton and other printing media. Its revolution lies in that this solution solves the natural defects of “PET film transfer printing solution with powder”, it becomes a very good complementary solution in the field of digital printing, adds a more down-to-earth solution to prosper the digital printing. 

The printing process of this DTF printer without powder is shorter, and the whole process has only three steps: printing-drying-transfer. This is similar to sublimation transfer on polyester, except that the PET film is instead of the sublimation paper, and there is no "powder shaking" process, which reduces the probability of defective products and avoids many problems with the powder shaking solution. 

Comparison of the cost: almost same with “PET film transfer printing solution with powder” solution. The main characteristics of powderless DTF printing solution are simple operation, multi-application, excellent hand feeling, good fastness and high yield.

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